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Who Is Nigeria Anderson?


Nigeria Anderson is owner, Nigeria All Fun Productions, which includes Urban Buzz Magazine, “Where Key Players Speak!,” “Urban Buzz Magazine Gospel Show,” and  UrbanBuzzTv in production. Nigeria All Fun Productions an entertainment company, which represent creative and talented artists of all genre.

Nigeria’s background includes working for top entertainment companies such as Home Box Office, Lamcit Media Productions and Turner Broadcasting. It was just a matter of time before branching off and creating Nigeria All Fun Productions. Nigeria has worked with a host of CEO’s, celebrities and performing artists. Nigeria’s marketing and promotion is top notch. It is her niche which has kept Urban Buzz Magazine  in the forefront. Now in the digital era, Nigeria is hopeful to take her company to the next level.


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Lady T

By Nigeria One thing I have learned, true artists legacy is in what they leave behind. Teena Marie has left us but has left such hits like; I Need Your…

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Simply Prince

By Urbanbuzzmag.Com

It was a night of pure musical  bliss and entertainment.  The Artist, The Symbol,  The Man, The Musician, The Songwriter, The Actor, The Singer, better known as PRINCE. Live in concert. This was my second time seeing Prince in concert and he did not let me down. It was a musical mastery. First to stage Mr. Maceo Parker OMG, crowd goes wild.  American funk and soul jazz saxophonist, best known for his work with the late James Brown. The greatest of all times Maceo. Let the jam session begin. Prince joins in for a few moments of grooves to let the people know “It’s about to get funky.”

After Maceo warmed us up. Here he comes the man of the hour.  PRINCE! Plucking them strings on his guitar like, what did you come here to do? “I hope ya’ll came to party because that’s what we are getting ready to do.” And that is exactly what we did. We partied like it was 1999. When there was no recession. When we all admired him for making the song in 1982, praying we would be alive to dance and celebrate  in 1999.  Now 11years later we are still having a party.  Timeless, is his creative sound of musical genius.  Second on stage Ms. Shelia E. a drummer and percussionist, let the second jam session begin.  It was great to see those 2 on stage playing and rocking the crowd. PRINCE is a musical living legend for so many reasons. I am going to talk about them all.


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By Urbanbuzzmag.com

NOTHING is the title of the 4th studio album from Pharrell Williams, Chad Hugo and Shae Haley collectively, the three musicians,producers, singers and songwriters known as N.E.R.D. (No-one Ever Really Dies). Joined forces in 2000. Nothing is another master of musical mixes, that will have your head bobbing.  Their unique sound sets N.E.R.D a part from what you may be use to hearing now and days. Their mix of nostalgia vs future is hard to do but they do it well.

Early in 2010, Pharrell, Chad and Shae sat in their Miami recording studio listening to roughly 20 songs, recorded over the previous year, that they believed would form their newest album. However, after listening to the songs, they didn’t find them to be what they wanted.  “People are concerned with war and the world. People are still dealing with their issues even if we think things have changed,” explains Pharrell. ” And when we looked back on those 20 records, they weren’t really saying what we wanted to say. They weren’t good enough.” N.E.R.D scrapped all 20 songs and decided to start over. They went back to NOTHING. Producing a new  project with no boundaries and no rules, just music and fun. Which is why they maintain a hard core fan base. They keep connected with their fans.  N.E.R.D still grinds it out as if they were a starving local band working the club circuit and colleges campuses. “If you want to know how to run something, you gotta work in the mail room first,” says Pharrell. “I don’t want that to come out the wrong way but playing live is our mail room, it’s our laboratory, it’s where you see the connection between music and your songs and the fans and the reaction you get all in one place.”


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Israel Houghton

By Urbanbuzzmag.com Artist Israel Houghton latest release Love God, Love People is the first Christian iTunes Cd. Houghton's Cd release included interactive social network capabilities, a music mixer and Bible…

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Raven Symone

By Urbanbuzzmag.Com Raven Symone is the voice behind many charter's. Raven's voice can be heard in the up coming movie "Tinker Bell"as "Iridessa." Raven Symone talents extend beyond measure. Raven…

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From Projects to Prosperity


By Nigeria

Jay-Z born December 4th, just turned 40years old, and is the $400 million dollar man. The media is all over Jay-Z a young entrepreneur from Brooklyn Projects. Jay-Z is on every music and business magazine across the world.  The media is calling Jay-Z the “Rap Mogul,” “Rags to Riches,” “Street Hustler Gone Good,” “Mega Star,” “Bigger than Hip-hop,” and  “Cultural Icon.” Preachers are calling him the devil and fans are calling him Hov. The Urban Buzz Magazine “Where Key Players Speak!” well, we call him a real “Key Player” in the game.

This is the second time Urban Buzz Magazine is doing a story about Jay-Z. The first was back in 1999  our story “I Went From Luke Warm To Hot.” We knew then Jay-Z was going to be a mainstay in the industry. So, after watching him climb through the media jungle and mastering the business. It was time for us to write about Mr. Shawn Carter. Jay-Z has a host of collaborations under his belt and contributed to the careers of various artists in entertainment. There is an industry saying, when you are hot you’re hot. During that time when the light is on you, you must shine. Jay-Z spotlight has him in company of  the industry’s top money makers. Simply because real money, know real money and Jay-Z is all about his money. Featured on Forbes and in conversations with Warren Buffeit, Barclay, Bloomberg, Clinton (former President), Obama (President) Madison Square Garden, Bing, Nets,  Yankees, MTV and yep Oprah has jumped on board.


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Real Music Talk

You must watch this. Get your popcorn and pop and relax.  Listen to the jewels. Click BEFORE  THE MUSIC DIES The Urban Buzz Magazine "Where Key Players Speak!" is the…

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From Pimp to Prince

By Nigeria Mr. Calvin Broudas a.k.a Snoop Dogg was summon by Prince William to perform at his bachelor party. Prince William has a heart for the boys in the hood.…

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