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Life Skills for the Performing Artist


Opera Singer, Bri Cooper





Life Skills for the Performing Artist

5 Ways to Keep Yourself Afloat Between Gigs

So, I have never been ashamed of my game. Let’s face it. A life in the performing arts is NO easy task, unless of course the stars and the moons line up every single time you go out for an audition. I have always surrounded myself with very positive, drivers. You know…..people who are driven and only see things in a positive light. I have always been very grateful that the people who have sought out my advice and opinions about different things come to me and want to talk it out. Maybe I did not hear from them in a few years or maybe it was just yesterday. At any rate, the other day a musician friend asked me about a problem they were having, it had to do with a job situation. As I listened it dawned on me that many think performing artists are not considered legit “performing artists” UNLESS all of your income is coming from, in this case, performing.


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