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Dignity On The Dotted Line


By Nigeria Anderson

Dignity On The Dotted Line

NBC’s show The Voice has come under fire by a leak of a twitter account which exposed their unfair contract given to contestants. The twitter account is now unavailable by the powers that be.  However, the contract revealed information of unfair practices of the show toward the desperate wanna be a star talent, this is not the first. This story was brought to light by American Idol when it launched.  Of course these major networks with their legal eagle’s can manipulate the situation where NBC, FOX & BET producers are protected from any legal action.  Expert review of the exposed contract  noted that such contracts are common in Reality TV.  Reality Television programs are designed to be unfair and dehumanizing for their participants, I will not name names we know them well.  In light of their contract, it’s hard to believe most have signed their dignity on the dotted Line and now we’re equally disgusted. Yet participants desperate for fame and fake fortune sign on the dotted line. Let’s face it we never heard of many of these performers before their exploits of reality television. From conversations with participants who thought Sunday Best and Shark Tank would be different confirmed, there is no real difference.


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