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Bridgette “Bri” Cooper


By Nigeria Anderson

Opera’s Phenomenal Bridgette “Bri” Cooper Working On A New Project

Bridgette Bri Cooper is a real Key Player in Opera genre of music. It is our sincere pleasure to salute Bridgette Bri Cooper as our Key Player during Black History Month. Opera requires rigorous training, it is a singing and performing art form very diverse in sight and sound. Not many African Americans receive accolades in this genre of music. However, there are few African American legends who have left their mark. Bridgette Bri Cooper has always identified with Opera and continues to create a path for others to follow; as well as broaden the scope of Opera and its influence in music overall.  Bridgette Bri Cooper’s project Heavenly Grass: Great American Art Songs, is a blend of Opera for everyone to enjoy.

Bridgette Bri Cooper is not only an Opera great in her community, she was featured in the HBO series The Wire, Toyota commercial, Toured with Porgy and Bess musical and she writes an Opera blog.  I had the unique pleasure of speaking with Bridgette Bri Cooper to discuss, Opera and African Americans in Opera. I am sure as you listen to her interview, you will hear jewels and key points to help you better understand Opera. Bridgette Bri Cooper dispels myths and explains the beauty of singing and performing Opera. Enjoy! Click the sound link below,

It is our pleasure at Urban Buzz Magazine; Where Key Players Speak!  to salute Bridgette Bri Cooper as a Key Player during Black History Month. For more information or to comment email us at Urbanbuzzusa@aol.com

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