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Gordon Chambers


By Nigeria

Gordon Chambers On Sincere

As we enter into Black History month, it is only fair that I recognize a real Key Player in the music industry, our Bronx native Mr. Gordon Chambers. When you get a chance purchase, Sincere. Chambers album Sincere features Chambers reuniting with one of his former duet partners, vocalist Sara Devine, on the Thomas Whitfield gospel standard “Walk With Me, Lord.” Recorded live at a gig and unrehearsed, the spontaneous rendition evokes all the intensity of a Sunday morning praise & worship performance. With all the ingredients at hand, it’s hard to imagine that Chambers’ recipe could lose. “There are many sounds on this album, but I think there’s truly something for everybody on this album,” he says. “A lot of the great artists of our time have taken chances. I took chances sonically this time, because change is inevitable. This is an album that is reflective of where I am in this moment in time. Sincere has something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. This is the chapter I’m writing at this point in my career. And the way it’s sequenced, it takes the listener from the current to the classic. It’s a nice journey. You cook with what’s in the kitchen at the time.”


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