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Dignity On The Dotted Line


By Nigeria Anderson

Dignity On The Dotted Line

NBC’s show The Voice has come under fire by a leak of a twitter account which exposed their unfair contract given to contestants. The twitter account is now unavailable by the powers that be.  However, the contract revealed information of unfair practices of the show toward the desperate wanna be a star talent, this is not the first. This story was brought to light by American Idol when it launched.  Of course these major networks with their legal eagle’s can manipulate the situation where NBC, FOX & BET producers are protected from any legal action.  Expert review of the exposed contract  noted that such contracts are common in Reality TV.  Reality Television programs are designed to be unfair and dehumanizing for their participants, I will not name names we know them well.  In light of their contract, it’s hard to believe most have signed their dignity on the dotted Line and now we’re equally disgusted. Yet participants desperate for fame and fake fortune sign on the dotted line. Let’s face it we never heard of many of these performers before their exploits of reality television. From conversations with participants who thought Sunday Best and Shark Tank would be different confirmed, there is no real difference.

According to the contract released regarding The Voice it basically says to the contestant we own you and everything about you. So, when we think back, what happened to those winners? why they had limited visibility and success, we now have an answer. There is probably a gag order for them to not speak about their ordeal regarding their scripted win. However, should they desire to they can always contact www.Urbanbuzzmag.com “Where Key Players Speak!”  we are not part of the crew of great pretenders. When it is all said and done, they will be on Unsung or some other show like that. I hope you are getting the picture which is constantly being painted and yet there is still a falling by the way.

linessundaybestNow that we surely acknowledge that television is for entertainment purposes only. We can appreciate the truth from such shows like Scandal, Revenge, Deception and other self-explanatory programs. At least, they are not trying to deceive us. It makes it hard to believe when we learn their contract says producers and network can ignore votes, make changes, kick you off the show, humiliate and embarrass you or send you to a therapist. Well, being sent to a therapist may be a good thing. I have to find the good in things. The entertainment industry has based its success on this fact. They believe everyone enjoys being entertained and African Americans are violent and love drama.  Therefore, let’s have fights and Pastor’s act a fool and promote it by saying they are “keeping it real” and that will get us an “Emmy”as Kara (Lisa Vidal) so eagerly expressed on an episode of Being Mary Jane. Major networks believe to obtain increased ratings, they never have to put on an intelligent program. Their motive of operation is base on everyone watching is a moron.  This is why, when a program or film comes out that makes sense and earns millions everyone in the industry is Wow! that did pretty good.

While this is just a bump in the road for NBC, fans will continue to watch The Voice which has facebook numbers; 9,323,332 likes · 837,764 talking about this, American Idol 11,808,150 likes · 262,858 talking about this and the numbers continue with every Reality TV program. Viewers have already purposed in their mind what the show(s) mean to them. Therefore, twitter will still have Hashtag conversation.  Strongly expressing who they like or don’t like and who can sang and can’t sang. Why? because at the end of the day it’s just television. When the call goes out for auditions, there will still be lines around the corner. Our new society bell is look at what just happened and our response is for real that is messed up and there is 1 million YouTube views. There has not been a real response to an expose travesty since the late Rodney King.  Such incidents create shows like Celebrity Murders all designed to constantly keep audiences entertained and desensitizing by true events which occurred. Last but not least, we cannot leave out our old faithful reality television program the Nightly News. So, I have not shared anything new but would like you to LIKE my post as I hope to get numbers like above. My hope is that responsible actors, performers and new comers will consider the long term affect and not sign their dignity on the dotted line. I thank you for reading.




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