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Director Joshua Coates


By Nigeria Anderson

Director Joshua Coates Debut His New Film Iniquity

Director Joshua Coates our Key Player film director, producer and screenwriter. It is with great pleasure to be a media partner of Joshua Coates to assist in promoting his film Iniquity. Director Joshua Coates is not new to the film industry.  Coates directed an independent film titled Game, The Called and in 2007 he released his first project as executive producer, director & writer for The Jenae So In Love CD/DVD, through his company 20/20 Visions Entertainment Group music division.  In 2010 Director Joshua Coates wrote, directed and produced with the help of Mario Steele, Janice Hollis and Naeem Biggs to introduce to the world his first mainstream motion picture Iniquity. I had the great pleasure of speaking with Director Joshua Coates and learning how his apprenticeships landed him with an amazing deal for his new film Iniquity.

Iniquity is inspired by the biblical account of David and Bathsheba which is set for a Nationwide release on March 26th 2013 throughout Walmart Stores. Coates has learned a lot about the movie business by meeting some heavy hitters in the industry, such as Kevin Skinner President of Skinner Vision formerly known as Business Partner to the Late Whitney Houston, Mark Lipsky Executive producer of Coming to America, Boomerang, Nutty Professor & Beverly Hills Cop 3 and Producer David Garfinkle of Spiderman and Ghost on Broadway to name a few. Director Joshua Coates has gleamed from every opportunity. Coates is currently the founder and president of 20/20 Visions Entertainment Group which is claiming its niche in the field of entertainment. (click on the link to hear the interview) for more information email us at Urbanbuzzusa@aol.com


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