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By Ross Guity aka R.G. Major

ESNAVI New Release Brings A Fresh Sound, Her Own

Singer/songwriter ESNAVI (pronounced Es-Nah-V) is a truly talented new female artist in the world of Soul music. Originally hailing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and now residing in New York City, Esnavi has been on her grind for years cultivating her uniquely creative musical gifts, and it’s now finally paying off in a big way with her latest album release ‘EXIT E,’ a 16-song odyssey that reflects on her life experiences through passionate, honest, soulful lyrics and melodies. Her first single off this incredible CD ‘UNEXPECTED LOVE,’ charted successfully on the Urban Adult Contemporary Top 40 playlist and it’s only just the beginning with more hits that’s sure to come from ‘EXIT E.’ If you have an genuine appreciation for good-quality, all-around musical artistry, you will absolutely fall head over heels in love with the soulful sounds of ESNAVI!

Urbanbuzzmag.com “Where Key Players Speak!” recently caught up with the gorgeous songstress during her busy schedule to share her thoughts on what makes her the unique artist that she is, and what’s missing in today’s Soul music.

Ross: In your words, define the ‘ESNAVI’ brand of musicality.

Esnavi: Esnavi is Eclectic Soul music. ESNAVI stands for Eclectic, Soulful, Natural, Authentic, Vivacious and Intriguing. My music is different in that it’s taking a little bit of something from the past with a ‘new-age’ approach.

Ross: From your perspective, what do you think is lacking in today’s R&B/Soul music?

I think that ‘true soul’ is what’s lacking in the music of today. Soul music to me is something that stems from a real place – from your gut. It’s not something that’s contrived…It’s not something that somebody told you to do…It is something that you actually feel, and I think that when those sorts of emotions are evoked when you perform and sing onstage and also when you’re writing the songs, it’s displayed in the whole concept of an artist.

Ross: Which artists/producers would you love to collaborate with in the future?

Esnavi: There are so many talented people doing it in music right now…I would say that anybody that I listen to and I like what I hear, then I would be open for a collaboration with whomever down the road.

Ross: What does ‘performing live’ mean to you?

The energy I get from performing live is something that I just can’t put into words because it’s something that you have to experience. Every single time I do a show, I like to give my audience an experience. I don’t ever want you to get the same ‘Esnavi’ show…I don’t ever want to bore my audience who come to see me perform live. I want my fans to always be entertained from beginning to end and it’s very important for me to live in the moment of what I feel. I’ll also add that I need to be in my full comfort zone onstage because I’ll feel like I’m at home!

Ross:What’s the best piece of advice you can give to a musically talented young lady, who strives to succeed in the music business?

Esnavi: To always be true to who you are. That’s the simplest and best advice I can give.

Ross: What makes you a ‘key player’ to be reckoned with?

Esnavi: I feel that I am very multifaceted as an artist, and I offer a unique kind of diversity from both an image and musical standpoint.

Thank you Esnavi for taking out time to share with our readers and we are excited about your new project and look forward to hearing more good music from you in the future. If you ever hear of Esnavi performing in your area, please check her out. She gives a wonderful performance that you will enjoy. For more information or comments feel free to email us Urbanbuzzusa@aol.com

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