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From Pimp to Prince

By Nigeria

Mr. Calvin Broudas a.k.a Snoop Dogg was summon by Prince William to perform at his bachelor party. Prince William has a heart for the boys in the hood. In 2009 he played a role of a homeless person on the hardcore London streets.  It was reported William was almost run over by a street sweeper, sleeping in the alley in his sleeping bag on a cardboard box. There is no wonder why Snoops music may have his appetite. I wounder what his favorite song is by Snoop. Hmm…

Snoops story is similar. Snoop has a heart for wealth. While Prince Williams was wondering, what is destitute? Snoop’s music and rap was his way of wondering what’s having a big house, cars and maids.  Snoop took on the role of a pimp & hustler.  This is a classic tale of rags to riches and riches to rags .  I wonder after this experience will Snoop become Sir. Snoop Dogg.  Maybe there will be a Trading Places 2 featuring Snoop Dogg and Prince William. This is a real example of how the culture of rap music has crossed over.  At the end they are just two guys from different sides of the world coming together, through music. I am sure they will have the best Gin and Juice ever made or maybe they will come out with their own brand. Who knows? Snoop Dogg releases new album “Doggumentary” March 2011.

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