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From Projects to Prosperity


By Nigeria

Jay-Z born December 4th, just turned 40years old, and is the $400 million dollar man. The media is all over Jay-Z a young entrepreneur from Brooklyn Projects. Jay-Z is on every music and business magazine across the world.  The media is calling Jay-Z the “Rap Mogul,” “Rags to Riches,” “Street Hustler Gone Good,” “Mega Star,” “Bigger than Hip-hop,” and  “Cultural Icon.” Preachers are calling him the devil and fans are calling him Hov. The Urban Buzz Magazine “Where Key Players Speak!” well, we call him a real “Key Player” in the game.

This is the second time Urban Buzz Magazine is doing a story about Jay-Z. The first was back in 1999  our story “I Went From Luke Warm To Hot.” We knew then Jay-Z was going to be a mainstay in the industry. So, after watching him climb through the media jungle and mastering the business. It was time for us to write about Mr. Shawn Carter. Jay-Z has a host of collaborations under his belt and contributed to the careers of various artists in entertainment. There is an industry saying, when you are hot you’re hot. During that time when the light is on you, you must shine. Jay-Z spotlight has him in company of  the industry’s top money makers. Simply because real money, know real money and Jay-Z is all about his money. Featured on Forbes and in conversations with Warren Buffeit, Barclay, Bloomberg, Clinton (former President), Obama (President) Madison Square Garden, Bing, Nets,  Yankees, MTV and yep Oprah has jumped on board.

What makes Jay-Z great is his ability to follow basic principles of business. He helps others. He stands behind whatever product or artists he attach his name to. He is the founder of “Shawn Carter Scholarship Foundation” and linked up with Alicia Keys, Sade and Janelle Monae to support “Keep A Child Alive Foundation. You probably wont read much more about that.  He signed Trey Songz and Melanie Fiona for his Roc-A-Wear ad campaign.  From 1994 to 2010 Jay-Z has gone from the Projects to Prosperity.

Jay-Z’s first Cd “Reasonable Doubt” sold 500k in 3 months without YouTube and I-Tunes. “Decoded” made Oprah’s ‘Ultimate Favorite Things.” Well, I guess Oprah likes rap music after all.  Jay-Z just signed a deal to have his 40/40 franchise across united states airports. His first 40/40 club launched in Manhattan in 2003. Jay-Z is a marketing magnet. Yankees love him, Nike has a limited addition of “Air Force Ones” and everyone wants a piece of Jay-Z.   Motivated and inspired to be all he can be Jay-Z has tapped the market almost dry. Jay-Z came in with music and obtain book, restaurants, broadway, film, clothing, cologne, glasses, Nets and basically he has decoded the system. The system that once said no, Jay-Z created a yes.

Jay-Z have hustled the hustlers of big business. He will soon own his music masters worth 5o million. Jay-Z  remains on billboard charts and now he is “On To The Next One.”  Success and wealth an American Dream. Jay-Z is a true story of music motivating and inspiring.  If you want to learn how to “Double Your Money” follow the leader. Jay-Z is a house hold name like Tide. Of course there is a corner of the world, that do not know Jay-Z but that’s alright with him. Jay-Z has master how corporate America gets it’s money and now he has the game ball and is not giving it back. Now, America watch the game change for real.

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