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Isaac Cates

In performing arts there are many who imitate art and then there are those who perform. Mr. Isaac Cates began studying music formally at the age of four. Isaac is trained in classical  piano and teaches piano to teens.  He is highly sought after as a musician, songwriter and producer. He serves as a true minister of music and worshiper. When you listen to him play you can hear his worship. An example is evident in his recent release “Strong Tower” featuring Jason Clayborn and Dorsey.

I had an awesome time of fellowship with Mr. Cates.  Isaac Cates will soon release a new live  project titled “Amazed At Your Presence.”  When I first heard “Strong Tower” I knew I had to meet Isaac Cates.  The anointing came right through. I love when I can hear the anointing on an artist.  In preparing to work on his second project Isaac was being challenged.  In the midst of it all he gained victory as the Lord confirmed to Isaac; that He will never leave nor forsake him.  When you hear Isaac play, you will immediately understand that he plays with a thank you in his heart.  The  soon to be released  album is filled with songs of affirmation and inspiration. Isaac tell us a little about yourself?

“I formed a group back in 2004 titled Isaac Cates & Ordained, we released the independent project titled “Take My Life” which can be found on CD baby. On that project I wrote and arranged the entire album with a group of musicians from the Kansas city area. Our purpose was to allow our music ministry to touch the lives of God’s people and increase their love for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  This second album is a larger body of work and our purpose is to encourage the listener to speak well over yourself and be encouraged. On this project I collaborated with Gerod Williams. I really want everyone who listens to be reminded to put their trust in God.”

There is such an attack on gospel music.  Some say today’s gospel music is too worldly or evil.  Since you have a classical background, share with us how you feel about such comments?

“In music ministry you have to connect with the hearers and the hearts of people. Music is not evil.  The bible says ” The power lies in the power of the tongue.”  So it is not the music that is evil or worldly, it’s the lyrics behind the music which may be evil or worldly.”

Amen brother that was good. I like your response.  Who have you worked with that you just truly enjoyed?

“Richard Smallwood has been kind and very helpful.  Melonie Daniels and Margarett Devoe.  There are two sisters who are actually on this album Tobbi & Tommie White. When you really want the church feel, these two sisters can give it to you. Tobbi sings “Real Love” on the Cd, which I wrote and Tommie sings “Step Back and Watch Him Work.”

“Amazed At Your Presence” is awesome and anointed. It is obvious that you came through your challenge to victory by this title track. Tell us how the Lord gave you this song?

“I actually thought we had completed all the songs for the Cd.  The title track “Amazed At Your Presence” came to me when the health of both my parents were being challenged. It seem like everyday it was another situation arising. I was in church reviewing the material for the Cd, sat down at the piano and the Lord just dropped it in my heart. It became my whole worship and it lasted about 30 minutes. The same thing happened at the recording.  It was sincere and pure, I had to put it on the CD and make it the title track.  In the end both of my parents were able to attend the final recording. Glory Be To God. It was amazing and that is why the title track is “Amazed At Your Presence.”  I really pray it blesses people because it’s allowed.  It’s not rushed to get on to the next thing. You know how that is.”

Amen! Sheww!!! that is a real testimony.  I agree, you can’t put a time on real worship. Who are some of your musical influences?

“Richard Smallwood, Kirk Franklin, Kurt Carr and I love great jazz musicians like Oscar Peterson. I just want to mention. As an artist, I try not to let creativity, skill and my gift get in the way of God’s voice.  As we were finishing up the project “Amazed At Your Presence” another song was given to me by the Lord title “In Times of Trouble I’m Covered.” At first I was like, Lord are you sure?  It seemed like every time I opened my bible, every scripture was confirming it.  And let me say this. Trouble varies. Your time of trouble may be your self-esteem and my time of trouble may be my bills. It can be any number of things. So, the song is another affirmation for listeners to speak positive in times of trouble.”

Isaac I look forward to the release in 2011 and I know it is going to be a blessing. I am being blessed already. Please help me out as a piano player who do you think is great on the keys? Also, tell us who are some of your favorite singers?

“Oscar Peterson and Stevie Wonder is the greatest of all times. If I could do a track with him I would lose my mind. He is a genius. Donny Hathaway “Young Gifted and Black,” I can play all of Donny’s stuff. I like music that is not intrusive. Kim Burrell is polished and all the rest of us are trying to get there (laughter).  Aretha Franklin is the best.  I’m enjoying Johnathan Nelson, Dewayne Woods and VaShawn Mitchell. I think Angie Stone is great because she doesn’t try to show off, “Soul Brother” is my favorite.  I like India Arie and of course Michael Jackson.  Kelly Price when she opens her mouth, along with Lauryn Hill, Jennifer Hudson, Fantasia and Chaka Khan greatness. Oh! and Marvin Winans is the coolest singer in gospel.”

Well I think you named all the greats (laughter). That is an incredible list. Listen, I already know that “Amazed At Your Presence” will be on someone’s list as well. Well you keep in touch and let us know how things are going. “Will do. Thank you Nigeria so much for your support.”  This is what the Urban Buzz Magazine “Where Key Players Speak!” is all about supporting the great talent that is out there.  To get in contact with Isaac Cates you can Google him, just type in his name.

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