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Kerry Washington

By Nigeria

Celebrating Black History Month with Kerry Washington

I had to represent for one of my own. Kerry Washington a Bronx, girl, home of the Urban Buzz Magazine “Where Key Players Speak!” Yeah!!! BX. Okay. I just had to get that in. Kerry Washington is coming up the ranks as America’s sweetheart.

Washington’s screen credits demonstrate her ability to act and be comfortable in any role she plays. Kerry Washington has swag. Not because she is from the Bronx, well maybe. Kerry Washington cannot continue to be ignored in Hollywood. She is able to play a blind woman in one flick and turn around and point a double barrel in your face in another. Don’t let her beauty fool you, although, she is the spokesperson for L’Oreal.  Kerry also, co-directed and appeared in Common’s video “I Want You.” Kerry Washington not only acts   and directs but had a Broadway debut in David Mamet’s “Race.”

Kerry Washington has engaged in a variety of roles. Most recent “Night Catches Us,” “For Colored Girls,” “Mother and Child,” “Lakeview Terrace,” “Fantastic Four,” “I Think I Love My Wife,” “The Last King of Scotland,” “Little Man,” “Mr. & Mrs. Smith,” “Ray,” “She Hate Me,” “Bad Company” “Miracle at St. Anna” and “Save The Last Dance.” Kerry Washington’s work has not gone unnoticed. She has been nominated for an award for most of her work. She received an award for Outstanding Actress in the Motion Picture “Ray.” The Urban Buzz Magazine “Where Key Players Speak!” favorite films with Kerry Washington are: “Night Catches Us,” “For Colored Girls,” “Lakeview Terrace,” and “Fantastic Four.”

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