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Kevin Lemons & Higher Calling


By Nigeria

Kevin Lemons &  Higher Calling New Release “King of Glory”

Kevin Lemons &  Higher Calling a ministry birthed out of true musicians. Worship which brings an anointing, with each song culminating into the next. The Cd Destined For Greatness is a worshipers weapon. Destined For Greatness will confirm that Word in you, impacting your soul. Reminding you that the Lord made a promise and He is able to keep it. If you join them in worship you are most likely to receive that promise by the end of the Cd or performance. I call it my civil rights in the Kingdom of God Cd. The Cd is filled with classic confessions of faith and trust in the Lord most High.

I had the pleasure of speaking to one of the members Demetrius Banks who informed me of a sophomore project, King of Glory which was recorded live and soon to be released this year 2012.  Currently, Higher Calling has grown into a 45-voice, powerhouse gospel choir known for their skillful vocals, energetic performances, trendsetting style and overall excellence in ministry.  The best way to describe Higher Calling is encouraging, pure worship with no embellishment. Kevin Lemons & Higher Calling have a gospel standard and that is worship.

Demetrius tell us about your role within the group? Well, I am a proud member of the baddest Tenor section ever!!!” Additionally, I serve on the board of Higher Calling Ministries as Director of Marketing and Public Relations.  I work with media outlets worldwide to make sure that they are kept abreast of whats going on in the life of the ministry.

With a 45 voice choir with harmonies and blends, how hard is it to record? and is that why you recorded live? The live recording process for a choir is really no more difficult than it is for a small group, ensemble, or even a solo artist.  You’re basically just dealing with more people.  Each choir member’s voice was vital to the success of this project, and everyone made major sacrifices and put in a lot of practice hours and prayer hours to make it happen.  Kevin genuinely has a great love for the ‘Choir Sound’ and wanted those who share in his love for choir music to be included in this project from its inception.

What can we expect from this new Cd? This new CD is definitely going to showcase the true Higher Calling Sound we’ve become known for.  You can definitely expect to hear the growth and maturity of that sound in each track. As you listen you will be inspired, uplifted, and motivated.  Bottom line, this CD takes you straight to church!

I really enjoy live albums. You can hear the freedom of praise and worship. I think all gospel albums should be recorded live what do you think? I am a big fan of live recordings too, but I do have a love and appreciation for a studio project just as well.  The goal of any gospel album should be to reach into the heart and spirit of the listener, and (for those who don’t know Christ) ultimately draw them into a relationship with him.  I believe that there are places that studio recorded gospel music will get played that a live recording may not.  For example, I can recall riding in an elevator in a major corporate building and hearing BeBe and CeCe Winans ‘I’m lost without you’. It’s pretty unlikely that you would hear our music on your ride to the 50th floor (and that’s ok), just to know that God is using yet another of his many vessels to accomplish his work is reason to rejoice.

I must confess to you when I saw the video posted by one of my cohort, I immediately had to share it. The response was mutual to all who watched, the presence of the Lord God just coming through at you. I mean I could barely sit still and watch. Is it always like that? Jesus To God be the Glory!!  That video has been such a tremendous blessing in my life and obviously the lives of so many who’ve seen it.  It was recorded by our dear friend Malcolm Williams of Chicago (an anointed artist too). Within 24 hours after he posted it on YouTube, it had over 8000 hits. We were singing for Bishop Hezekiah Walker’s Choir Fest during the weekend of the Stellar Awards in Nashville, TN.  It was 3:30 in the morning and we had already sang at 2 other events prior to this one.  So when we arrived we were tired and ready for bed.  But when we hit the platform to minister, God’s power took over and gave us a ‘2nd wind’ as they say and we were able to once again give him the glory and honor he is due.  And YES its always like that!

Praise God. I have to say Kevin Lemons & Higher Calling Destined For Greatness song
is anointed, a straight Christian anthem. How did that song come about? Destined for Greatness, which was recorded on our debut CD, has definitely made an indelible mark in gospel music so much so that other gospel artist have picked up the mantle of its anointing power and included it on their own recorded projects.  Thank God for the writer of this masterful work Daniel Moore and producer Justin Gilbert. I believe that Kevin and the choir sings this song with such authority because of the prophetic power within the lyrics, and every time we minister this particular piece you cant help but feel God as though He we’re literally standing in front of you pointing and declaring ‘YOU ARE DESTINED FOR GREATNESS'”

Amen. That song I played on my radio show so much I named one of the show after it. You can check the archive on the Urbanbuzzmag.com site and scroll down and you will see Destined For Greatness. I will try not to cry but before my accident that was the word the Lord placed in my heart and 3 weeks later I was hospitalized only to come through to fulfill that Word. It is surely not by accident that I then get the opportunity to speak with you. I have now made that my theme song. Lol. But King of Glory my goodness. I now have 2 theme songs. With such a large body of worshipers who obviously love the Lord. Do you want to share any challenges and how do you overcome them?  All that I can really say is just as the word says in 2 Timothy 2:15 Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.  Many times we wait until we are right in the middle of a situation before we try to find out exactly what God and His Word has to say about it.  But if we simply study the word and meditate on it and abide in it then when a need arise we can recall that which we’ve already studied and prepared ourselves for.  We can easily recall that Philippians 4:19 says But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus when we have spent time with him and understand exactly how to let the word do the work!

Amen practice the Word. Don’t just read it practice it. That was good right there. My big question when are you all coming to NYC? I have to have a live and in person experience. At present we don’t have any engagements booked for New York but we definitely are believing God to open the door for us to come that way.

Would you be considered a mass choir? Well, when you think of what a mass choir traditionally means (at least in the good ole Baptist Church that I came from)  It was the coming together of all choirs in the church (Senior, Youth, Men’s, Gospel, Sanctuary, Sunbeam, etc) to sing for a particular purpose or event like a concert or even a recording.  Based on that definition no, Higher Calling is not a ‘mass choir’.  We are however a community based choir in that the members are from churches of all denominational reformations throughout the state of Georgia as well as other states, to include the Carolinas and Tennessee.

It can be challenging for a regular gospel artist to obtain recognition, what is the response like for groups or choirs? As far as performing, sometimes it can be even more of a challenge for choirs simply because of the expenses associated with bringing in such a large group.  Concert and event promoters are no longer jumping on the chance to fly 55 singers and musicians to an event, so instead they will book an artist with 3 background singers.  Even with this challenge, God has still opened many doors for Kevin and Higher Calling (as a whole group) to walk through.

The doors seem to be open to choirs, commercials, award shows and films. Are you interested in those markets? I’m sure I speak for Kevin when I say that we are open and interested in spreading God’s message of Love to any market that will receive us.

What are your desires for the people who listen to your Cd’s? It is our sincere desire first and foremost that God will be glorified through this CD.  Secondly, for those who listen, that they will be inspired and that their lives will be enriched because of these songs.  And thirdly, that they will share the anointing power of this project with someone else.

What is your ministry purpose?  The ministry purpose of Kevin Lemons and Higher Calling is to electrify others to create praise to glorify God through our gifts of worshiping him.

Well I can’t wait until the new Cd King of Glory is released. I am sure we will be bless. How can people keep in touch with you and receive updates on what you all are doing? Our email address is kwyleconsulting@live.com and our number is 678-964-5223.  Of course we can also be found on Facebook and Twitter (Min Kevin Lemons and Higher Calling)

Thank you for your time and being a Key Player in the gospel arena. My many thanks to you all for being such a blessing to me personally. I am looking forward to King of Glory.  You can count on Urbanbuzzmag.com as your media promotional partner, just keep me in the loop. Simply because we are Destined For Greatness all by the King of Glory, In Jesus Name Amen. God bless and look forward to praising with you soon. Leave comments for Kevin Lemons and Higher Calling by email Urbanbuzzusa@aol.com.

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