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Kierra Sheard


One on One with Kierra Sheard Celebrating The Live Album “Free”

I read that Kierra Sheard is the Clark family royal princess. I liked that. (Thank you) I have to tell you the truth Kierra. I saw you perform twice in New York. I was already to interview you, when you were at Central Park but you sung “Praise Him.”  I was so in the Holy Spirit when I came out you were gone. So, I thank the Lord for His faithfulness to see fit that you are able to share with Urbanbuzzmag.Com. It is our pleasure to celebrate with you on your new release “Free.” “Free” is your first live recording and it delivers. You are so anointed and it’s all over this project.

(Photo by Nigeria Anderson)

Ni: This new album was released on the family label correct?

Kierra: Yes, that is correct. It’s the second album produced off the family owned label “Karew Records.” The first was my mom. The distribution is through EMI which is the label I started off with. So, it has been a tremendous blessing. It’s a project which is produced and written by myself and putting it together has been really exciting.

Ni: That is a praise report right there. You had your youth choir Bold! Right! Life! on this project as well. What was that like having BRL on board?

Kierra: BRL is part of a non-for-profit organization that I am a part of. Pastor Marvin L. Winans assisted me with doing showcases and recruiting young people for auditions. BRL is on fire for God, they do community service and reach out to other young people sharing the gospel. They have been with me for four years now and it was exciting having them on board and sharing the spotlight with me.

Ni: Talk to us about moving from studio to live recording.

Kierra: It is actually a dream come true for me. A live recording is something I always wanted to do. Doing the live recording allowed me to show a different side of myself. When you are in the studio, you are not able to be as free. Especially, when it comes to the atmosphere and God’s presence being with you. We pray over studio sessions and we know that the Lord is present but recording live it allowed people to see my glow. People refer to me as little KiKi or Karen’s daughter but God has done some knew things in me. I’m getting older and growing into my own self and the live recording allowed me to express that and people are able to hear it on the album. Overall it was an exceptional experience.

Ni: I personally love gospel live recordings. You are right you can feel the atmosphere. Tell us were there any great moments when the Holy Ghost just showed up and had His way?

Kierra: Absolutely, on the titled track “Free” it was just unbelievable. Actually, we left some of the experience on there. So, when you listen to the song you will be able to hear what we experienced that night. During the recording of “Free” I was moved to just encourage and speak over people lives that were there. People who will buy the record and listen, I encourage you just be free from the things that are keeping you bound or from whatever is keeping you from having that relationship you desire to have with Jesus Christ. On that night the Lord was just loving on His people. The bible says where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. You can hear the people just being free, they were crying out and you will hear me crying out. It was just an atmosphere where God’s Spirit was there. It was amazing.

Ni: Amen! Amen! I can hear it when I listen to “Free” I hear the anointing falling, that is why I asked you that question. Where did that song come from?

Kierra: There was a level of spiritual warfare I had gone through before the record. Warfare I had never encountered before. The enemy was just, really attacking me through my mind. I was reading “The Battle Field of The Mind” by Joyce Myers. She talks about if you have empty space in your mind the enemy will use that room to fill your mind with negative thoughts. If you are not aware of this level of spiritual warfare, you will think those thoughts are your thoughts. Thank the Lord for the Holy Ghost who rest inside of me, that helped me to say these are not my thoughts. I didn’t know what it was, I don’t even know how to describe it but I had great people around me. My dad and mom, good counsel and friends who have a relationship with God and I would go to them. Not knowing what it was, I began to just pray God free me from my mind. I kept using the word freedom, free. I was directed to the scripture where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty and that’s how “Free” came about. When you listen to each song you can hear it was more of a personal thing for me. There are actually lyrics from my prayer.

Ni: Amen! Kierra Shew!. That is alright. Amen! Okay, let me get back to the questions. Now I understand why the album is so anointed. Without naming every track, these are my favorites “Free,” “Indescribable,” “Desire” and “Mighty” Kierra, I be trying to cook and clean, I can’t keep stopping to get into a shout. (laughter..thank you)  You mentioned that you were the singer and songwriter on this project. What was that like?

Kierra: My brother was a huge inspiration to me. I didn’t always believe in my writing skills and I just asked the Lord to give me songs to write. I had a hard time putting words together and getting them to flow.  My cousin helped out also. To hear the final project, it was nobody but God who came through. This project, has motivated me to keep enhancing my skills of writing music for God’s people.

Ni: Amen! You are doing just that. The album once again is “Free” it is very uplifting and inspiring, so the Lord’s work was done. Let me just say you are “Key Player” in the business and UrbanBuzzMag.Com thank you for your contribution to the gospel community. Just for the record who is Kierra Sheard?

Kierra: (Thank you) Kierra is fun, exciting and a woman of God. I love my family.  I love people who God put in my life. Some people may say I am boring but I am a church girl and church is all I know. I like bowling and shopping is my issue. Whenever, I have downtime, I’m good sitting in my pajama’s all day chilling with my family. Those are the moments I enjoy.  I’m real cool.

Ni: If you were not singing gospel what would you be doing?

Kierra: I have my B.A and plan on going back for my Masters. So, if I wasn’t signing I would be grinding making money somewhere. (Laughter) I am not a bum and I love having money in my pockets.  Education is key to me, so whether I would be a doctor or have a clothing line. It would have to be something good where I am consistent.

Ni: Cool. The holidays are coming up and you spoke about family time. I heard you are engaged.

Kierra: Yes. I am really excited and I am staying prayerful and connect with God. Some people just prepare for the wedding day and not the life changing experience.  So, I am really preparing for the life changing because divorce is not an option for me.

Ni: I know that’s right. Amen to that. Now that you have entered into writing songs, is there any artist known or unknown you would like to write for?

Kierra: I would like to work with Donnie McClurkin and Michael W. Smith. There are others but I am still young so, I am sure I will get the chance to work with other artists.

Ni: I heard you have a hip-hop side to you?

Kierra: People ask me about the old mixtape and when will I do something like that again. I want to rap. I can’t free style. I think what did it for me was Lecrae. Lecrae started out independent and somehow he has just taken over. He is an inspiration to me right now. I was watching him on a hip-hop award and he did a free style segment. In the segment he went on talking about the Holy Spirit it was just amazing. His rap was so dope, I don’t think the people even realized what he was saying. After, that I was like I want to rap do something different and hopefully, you all will hear that on another record.

Ni: Okay, I would like to hear that combination Lecrae and Kierra. You all heard it here first the exclusive new rap project coming soon from Kierra and Lecrae. Don’t forget to give a shout out to your girl. Kierra, I am just enjoying this conversation. Did I leave anything out?

Kierra: No, I think you covered it all. I just want to thank you again Nigeria for this interview and having me, it has been an honor.

Ni: Stop it, you got me all warm and fuzzy. It is my pleasure. Soon to be Mrs. Kierra I thank you, it has been a true blessing. How can people keep up with you?

Kierra: Cool beans, people can reach me through facebook, twitter and my website http://www.boldrightlife.com.

Listen go get my girl Kierra Sheard’s “Free” album and expect to be blessed. God willing we shall meet up again at the Survivor’s Concert 2012.  Everybody just be Free. Amen. If you have a question for Kierra Sheard email us at urbanbuzzusa@aol.com and we will get that to her. We thank you Kierra for passing through the Urbanbuzzmag.com “Where Key Players Speak!”

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