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Lady T

By Nigeria

One thing I have learned, true artists legacy is in what they leave behind. Teena Marie has left us but has left such hits like; I Need Your Loving,  Square Biz, Behind The Groove, Young Love, Portugese Love, Cassanova Brown, Deja Vu, If I Were A Bell  and my favorite Fire and Desire. Block parties, red light parties, house parties, club or on a date, Teena Marie played her musical role.  A four-time Grammy nominee, why she did not actually receive a Grammy not sure.  Teena Marie songs are romantic journey’s that allowed me and my girls to express ourselves through song.  She told about the love affairs that were good and those that were bad. Situations we all can relate too.  Teen Marie also, known as Lady T,  played rhythm guitar, keyboards and congas. She also wrote, produced, sang and arranged virtually all of her songs.  The great ones often times get overlooked during the award shows but I can honestly say, fans will agree Lady T’s music spoke for itself.

Teena Marie’s recent work ‘Congo Square‘,  was released January 2010.  Teena told Lee Tyler, editor of the award-winning Blues & Soul: “I wanted to do songs that reflected the things that I loved when I was growing up. Every single song on the record is dedicated to someone, or some musical giant that I loved. The Pressure is dedicated to Rick James; Can’t Last A Day is dedicated to the Gamble & Huff sound – the Philly International sound’. Then ‘Baby I Love You’ and ‘Ear Candy’ are dedicated to Marvin Gaye and Curtis Mayfield – with memories of riding down Crenshaw in LA in jeeps and bumping to music on the 808. While ‘Miss Coretta’ is of course dedicated to Mrs. Coretta Scott King, the late wife of Dr. Martin Luther King.” I wonder who would do a song in memory of  Lady T.  Sales-wise, the album proved another success, reaching the Top 20 on Billboard’s Top 200, and giving Teena Marie yet another Top 10 R&B chart entry.  Lady T leaves a legacy of great music behind for us to enjoy.  She is an Urban Buzz Magazine “Where Key Players Speak!” Key Player. Rest In Peace.


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