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Lalah Hathawy is a versatile, critically acclaimed musician, songwriter, vocalist and producer. Hathaway  found creative regeneration and newfound energy making this record, an artistic re-birth she’s eager to share with anyone willing to listen. “Everybody is an artist in some way,” Hathaway enthuses, “I wanted to explore what that really means.  For me it meant walking into being the artist I’ve always wanted to be. It was an opportunity for me to embrace my independence as an artist through my music and connection to my fans.”

Hathaway brings that message home splendidly on the gorgeous title track, penned by her and Ernest Green. “If you say what you mean/And mean what you say,” she croons at the beginning of “Where It All Begins,” showcasing her sensual alto over a languid, hypnotic groove. The emotionally mature ballad finds her deftly articulating the meaning of being true to oneself.   Her searching yet serene voice evoke a perceptive confidence.  Hathaway is an UrbanBuzzMag.Com legend in time and a true “Key Player” in the business. We are also, excited to see Rahsaan Patterson on board. The first single to be released “If You Want To,” penned with Patterson, is a sure hit. Lalah Hathaway is at the top of her game.  However, I am still waiting on a gospel album.  Love ya! Lahah.

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