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John Legend & Roots

By Nigeria

John Legend and Roots In Concert Watch the Concert.

I will be  straight forward and let you know. I am not a fan of recording artists sampling and especially doing covers. One of the many reasons I began publishing , Urban Buzz Magazine “Where Key Players Speak!” to allow artists to be an artist. Spread their wings and fly. Let people know you are no cookie cutter artist. Be original for once in your life. Lately, there has been an overflow of artists doing covers. Are you serious?  In today’s world of technology and new found freedom, you can’t come up with a song. Kandi Burruss help!!! When Beyonce is a recording artist on top with sales and all over the media but when invited to sing for the President, she doesn’t have a song on any album to perform for such an occasion and have to borrow a song,  Something is wrong.

Well I must say, “Wake Up” is alright by me. John Legend and The Roots totally rock. Each song just takes you back to the good ole days. When people had fight in their spirit. No more pushing us around, raising taxes, rent or cutting jobs. An era when a black president was still unheard of.  A time and place when songs meant something. You could sing along, dance or just chill and enjoy the instruments.

Legend really impressed me on this one. I mean a rendition of Aretha Franklin’s Wholly Holy come on.  I must admit he held it down. The collaborations were cool too. CL Smooth? What? Wow! He did a good job on  “Our Generation.”  CL Smooth always had that authoritative voice of you better do something.  Common we know he is a pro active brother. So my hat goes off and I say well done.

Well You Tell Me What You Think. Watch the concert for yourself.

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