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Levensky Smith


By Nigeria

Levensky Smith Is Keeping It Moving

Dance is an art form of movement techniques performed for an audience. Dance is mastered for social and cultural significance. Some dancers are better than others, often seen demonstrated in clubs, the streets and professionally on stage. The gestural movements can be signified for battle such as break dancing and krumping or performed for an audience such as ballet and ballroom. There are many forms of dance jazz, rhythms, African and many choreographed styles of emotional expressions. From ceremonies to celebrations everybody understands the language of dance.

Professional dance companies presented by theater, have graced us with fascinating performances, leaving us wondering how do they do that? With spell bounding choreography and sculptured bodies dance is very much appreciated throughout most cultures. One thing is for sure, when you know someone who can dance well, there is something in boasting about them or getting them involved in a challenge. Especially, in the urban arena.

Well I want to introduce to you one of my favorite dancers Levensky Smith an Urbanbuzzmag.com Key Player. From Ohio to Broadway to around the world. Levensky Smith is a longtime friend of the Urban Buzz Magazine, its my pleasure to just celebrate him. Levensky was featured on our May-June 2000 Cover an issue celebrating Men. He is one of those rare breed dancer. To put it plainly, he can dance, jazz, ballet, hip-hop he is a dancer performer extraordinaire. Levensky is young talented and gifted. His credits include Fame musical, took part of the dance presentation at the 2000 Olympics, Cat’s, Lion King and The Color Purple. Currently, Levensky is working on assisting people with glamor, style and grace. Refreshing others through health, social etiquette and fashion which is a sure fit.

Levensky Smith have taken his dance training and incorporated it into practical disciplines for style and wellness. A professional dancer disciplines must be maintained, eat well and workout routines stretches and strengthening techniques. Levensky is now the go to guy for your  basic principles and patterns for looking good and feeling good about yourself. This former GQ Magazine admirer is your perfect guide.

If you want more information regarding Levensky Smith email us Urbanbuzzusa@aol.com. We are proud to celebrate our longtime friend.

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