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Madonna’s Fragrance


Madonna will soon launch her fragrance Truth or Dare.

Madonna will soon launch “Truth or Dare” a lifestyle brand aimed at “older women.”  Madonna a well loved icon of entertainment, will start with her new fragrance “Truth or Dare.”  Then she will expand to clothing, handbags and accessories in the years to come.  This is not Madonna’s first time at this.  Earlier this year Kelly Osbourne was chosen by Madonna to front her junior fashion brand “Material Girl” which can be found in Macy’s. However, she will now move her line for the older woman. The celebrity fragrance market continues to expand. However, there are some true loyal fans when it comes to fragrances. I bet you didn’t know that.

Well the late Elizabeth Taylor’s “White Diamonds” is still the number one seller of celebrity fragrances. Last year Elizabeth Taylor’s fragrance sold an estimated $56.3 million.  Britney Spears “Curious” has sold more than 10 million bottles since its release in 2004.  J. Lo “Glow”  fragrance launched back in 2002, its first-year sales totaled over $100 million.  Paris Hilton’s fragrances have top the sales of Jessica Simpson. We couldn’t obtain actual numbers but read that Paris increased her fragrance company sales by 40%. Sarah Jessica Parker fragrances NYC continue to be a top seller grossing $18. million.  Gabriela Sabatini’s fragrance collection last year grossed $31.4 million. The Argentine tennis star has been making fragrances since 1989.   We are wondering if she is putting some of her sweat in the bottles. That is a lot of money. She is known for her honesty about the game of tennis. “The women’s prize money should be equal to men, the effort men and women put into the competition is exactly the same.” Well, she found her niche.  “Heat” by Beyoncé sold $21 million in sales last year. What about the men?

Well lets see. Do men cologne sell more than women? Well, Derek Jetter’s Avon fragrance “Driven” sold $27 million. Behind Jetter is P. Diddy’s,  “Sean John” brand sold $18. million.  These were the only two we could actually get numbers on.  We all have learned the key to great sales, whether you are alive or have gone on is solely based on fan loyalty.  Madonna has a loyal fan base.  We can rest assure not only does she know what she is doing, her fans will support her.  Interesting that Madonna is tapping into the more mature women market.  I bet she has her eye on surpassing “White Diamonds” with “Truth or Dare” hmmm what do you think?

Earlier this year Mary J. Blige launched her first fragrance, “My Life,” on the Home Shopping Network.  Also, Rihanna launched her “Re’l Fluer”  fragrance. Rihanna tweeted her news and attached a video to her 4.5 million Twitter followers and 30 million Facebook fans. Well if Lady Gaga decides to come out with a fragrance she has 15 million Twitter followers and 44 million Facebook fans. Lady Gaga talked about a fragrance of  not sure and what the heck?  Which does not sound pleasant at this time.  If its a go it is schedule to hit the counters spring 2012.

So, do fans really purchase an item or product because a celebrity promotes it. The answer is yes. What is so shocking with perfume sales, some fans will purchase it without smelling it. Well this sounds like BuzzViewer conversation. Email us Urbanbuzzusa@aol.com  subject “Fragrances” and  let us know your favorite fragrance or the worst and why. Thank you for being a UBM Key Player.

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