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Mary Mary


Mary Mary New Series on We,tv

The duo Mary Mary, Erica and Tina Campbell are the epitome of putting Christ in culture. With all their success, there is still a humbling and gratitude spirit that is attached to all that they do. They are very welcoming to their fans and “fame” or being “famous” have not gone to their head. I had a chance to really get to spend some time with the two and feel them out. The new series Mary Mary premieres on March 29th on We, t.v. at 10pm and will begin at 9pm on April 5th. Once you watch the show you will be hooked. As one person said, it gives you that Cosby feel of family and fun.

Firstly, Mary Mary is not a Christian program. We, t.v, is not a faith based television program station. Mary Mary is program featuring Christians. Amen.  We, t.v  programs consist of every kind of family. All kinds of drama and life as we know it.

How important is Mary Mary to be on television? What will it do for the Christian Community? Well, with the uproar of reality television being a disgrace to television and ABC’s GCB being a disgrace to Christian women; I believe Mary Mary is coming in right on time with a refreshing look at the overall life of Christians, with a nice representation of Jesus Christ who makes his appearance. Yes! not since the late Whitney Houston’s televised home going and Tim Tebow bending knee, would I have thought, entertainment was ready for prayer and Jesus on the home screen on a weekly basis. Don’t get me wrong it is not church but the church at work. Amen.

When Erica and Tina were being introduced, the executive mentioned all their accolades but one. These sisters are anointed. To be on tv with no makeup and confident that’s an anointing.  You know you can’t catch these high end celebrities, without makeup they would die. The Mary Mary new series is one which need our support, I don’t even have to convince you to tune in and watch. Once you see an episode you are going to be fulfilled in your spirit to continue to watch. Here is what Erica and Tina have to say about the show.

Erica: This has been an awesome journey, I am overjoyed at how this has come together. (tears) Go ahead Tina you speak.

Tina: Is someone taping this we have to put this in one of the episodes.(laughter) Um I’m not going to cry like Erica, she is a cry baby. Hey, I am the one who is supposed to be emotional I’m pregnant.

Erica: This is postpartum. (laughter)

Tina: This is just amazing. I mean who thought growing up, that our lives would be interesting enough to have people watch us just be us. That is what the show is based on. We are just being who we are, Mary Mary new series that is us behind the stage that is us. At home we are mom, wife, sisters and daughters. That is all of who we are and who could’ve thought, we would be interesting enough for a show.(tears) shoot (looks at Erica) look what you made me do. I am glad that people would want to watch and enjoy the show. I am so grateful to God for giving us something that people can watch and be inspired by. We don’t have the perfect life and everything is not always wonderful. That is not realistic. We have our share of conflict but we are committed to resolving whatever conflict we have. This is my sister and we are going to always have a good family relationship, nobody is missing a family reunion and not taking pics together, we can’t have that. So, the group “Mary Mary” has to work, so it doesn’t mess up the family functions.

Erica: It’s all about being a healthy family. Being committed to what we do and doing it as best as we can. We don’t always get it right but we will be the first to tell you that. We are not about hiding behind a fasade of oh! we are Christians and everything is perfect. That is not our truth and I think that some people wanted us to pretend we have it all together. The show is our life as we know it. We are just grateful to allow our lives inspire some people. Maybe women will be more submissive to their husbands. Maybe some sisters will forgive each other from some crazy argument. Maybe people will begin to identify the important stuff which is family. It is important for my family to know how much I love them and how important they are to us.

Both: We would like to thank the media for their support. Radio for the music and even now for the new show. We could not do this without the support of you all that are in this room. So, thank you in advance for spreading the word and telling everyone to watch the program for the good things and even for the bad things. We are just grateful for it all.

Buzzviewer: Tina, you are very strong willed and it seems as if you are about to just go off. How do you stay focused?

Tina: I am not going to embarrass myself or my family. A person without self-control is like a city without walls. I have to keep control of my situation even when pressed because in the end we don’t want God to be embarrassed. My mom and dad would not allow any mess between my sister and I. They will be like ya’ll better pull it together, hug and kiss before we walk out this door. I have a husband, I am not going to embarrass him or my children. Having my children mocking a behavior because I lost control, not good. I know I am a strong person with a strong personality but I am not crazy. I just play like that sometimes. (laughter)

Buzzviewer: As, I watched the show. I have to tell you I think America will embrace this show like they did the Cosby show. It is awesome to see the black family enjoying themselves and I am going to tell everyone I know to watch the show.

Buzzviewer: How has the support been from other Christians regarding you both having a show?

Erica: We have received support from CeCe, Tye Tribbett and Vickie Winans have said they are proud of us and what we are doing. The ones we are real, real cool with may say in love. I love you but I am jealous and wish it was me. (laughter) I appreciate it, now I don’t have to worry about them saying it behind my back. Some have said are you sure, I am not so sure about this but we have encouraged them to pray for us.

Buzzviewer: If you had to choose between Sunday Best and Mary Mary a show that follow you around, what would you prefer?

Tina: I will have to say there is no comparison. Sunday Best was a great experience, that is where we came from before we started here. However, Mary Mary is special and little more unique for Erica and I. The show gives us an opportunity to inspire others through our music and our family. We have a network who understands us, respects us and gets us. So, I cannot compare it because there is nothing that compares to it.

Buzzviewer: With the music being the priority of your career, how will the show effect the music aspect, if at all?

Erica: During the show you will see our continued process of creating music. We have meetings with the label etc. The album is scheduled to come out May 8th so our music is very much at the forefront. The music is the reason why we are able to do all this so, know that it will always be the life of what we do music.

Buzzviewer: How is it being Mary Mary and then going home. Do you turn off or do you feel like two different people? Do you go home from the job and just turn off?

Tina: First, this is not a job for us it is our passion. And yes, at home we are different from Mary Mary. I saw myself on a couple of these episodes and I was like why didn’t anyone tell me to put on some makeup. I was like oh God the world is going to see me like this.

Erica: It is a challenge to go from one to another but when I am home I just want to be Erica that’s all. I want to be Warryn’s wife and mom. That is all I need to be in the house.

Tina: We don’t bring Mary home, we may play her in the car but we don’t bring her home. When I come home I am Teddy’s girl and mom, with a little one on the way.

Buzzviewer: What have you learned about Reality Tv? We all watch but what has been your learning experience?

Tina: We have a whole new respect for everyone in the game. It is hard and a lot of work. You have these cameras in your face. I may be having a bad day. I don’t want to cook. Sometimes I don’t want to agree with Erica and may want to call her a bad name. It can get rough and that is the reality.

Buzzviewer: What do you want your viewers to see about you as Christians?

Tina: Well we not going to be running around laid out in the spirit because who can relate to that? Only Christians. It is important to show that  we are relatable, normal and human. We have common issues relating to this world. We don’t stay in the spiritual realm 100% of the time but that is our guidance. We error sometime but we have to make it right.

Amen. Thank you so much Mary Mary for your time. If you want more information please email us Urbanbuzzmag.com

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