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Mikey Jay

By Nigeria

Mikey Jay’s new mikjayalbum is on it’s way. The single “Can’t Change Me” has the hottest video on YouTube. The song is based on relationship drama which is common between young couples. Mikey takes it back to basic story telling and having fun. Mikey is not new to the entertainment industry, he is taking front stage. Mikey has production credits from artist such as Kelly Clarkson, 112, Rampage and Nicole Wray to name a few.

At the “Can’t Change Me” album release party. Mikey expressed the importance of making the right decision when dating. Mikey had his first child at a young age. He remembers going through relationship drama. Although, he was there for his daughter and still is. He was faced with many challenges. What I like about Mikey is his transparency.  Although, he as been featured on BET, recipient of an Independent Music Award and on a host of mix tapes, Mikey remains focused.

Mikey is no stranger to the business aspect of the “music business.” He just inked a very lucrative deal that matches the music world and today’s technology. You will be able to hear Mikey’s music on your cellphone and will be able to download his Ring tones. As hip-hop is moving away from mad rappers, thugs & gangsters and murders, we can now get back to lyrics, party and fun. Keep a look out for Mikey Jay.

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