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NOTHING is the title of the 4th studio album from Pharrell Williams, Chad Hugo and Shae Haley collectively, the three musicians,producers, singers and songwriters known as N.E.R.D. (No-one Ever Really Dies). Joined forces in 2000. Nothing is another master of musical mixes, that will have your head bobbing.  Their unique sound sets N.E.R.D a part from what you may be use to hearing now and days. Their mix of nostalgia vs future is hard to do but they do it well.

Early in 2010, Pharrell, Chad and Shae sat in their Miami recording studio listening to roughly 20 songs, recorded over the previous year, that they believed would form their newest album. However, after listening to the songs, they didn’t find them to be what they wanted.  “People are concerned with war and the world. People are still dealing with their issues even if we think things have changed,” explains Pharrell. ” And when we looked back on those 20 records, they weren’t really saying what we wanted to say. They weren’t good enough.” N.E.R.D scrapped all 20 songs and decided to start over. They went back to NOTHING. Producing a new  project with no boundaries and no rules, just music and fun. Which is why they maintain a hard core fan base. They keep connected with their fans.  N.E.R.D still grinds it out as if they were a starving local band working the club circuit and colleges campuses. “If you want to know how to run something, you gotta work in the mail room first,” says Pharrell. “I don’t want that to come out the wrong way but playing live is our mail room, it’s our laboratory, it’s where you see the connection between music and your songs and the fans and the reaction you get all in one place.”

Nothing is a refreshment of music. “We wanted to go back to talking about whatever we feel, whatever we saw,” says Pharrell. “When we first started playing music, we started with nothing and that was a pretty cool place to go back to.” With all the success producing for other well known artists, what a humbling remark. Under the Neptunes production moniker, Williams and Hugo changed the sound of pop music.  Unleashing hits for artists like Jay-Z, Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Snoop Dogg, The Clipse and Solange to name a few.

Pharrel is the co-founder of the clothing brands Billionaire Boys Club  and Ice Cream Clothing line. “When I set out to create BBC, my goal was to put together something for the consumer that is always well dressed but never loses his individual spirit.” The items are sold at limited quantities and are in the high price range.  The Grammy award wining Neptunes are true to the art of music and fashion, real Key Players. I am sure they will be around for a while.  Listen out for “Hot n Fun” and yep, they have a little bit of gospel in the mix tilted “God Bless Us All” Amen.


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