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Deal or; No Deal

The Urbanbuzzmag.com BuzzViewers are talking about the NBA LockOut.

NBA Commissioner David Stern appears to be the only one with the wisdom hat on during this lockout.  Owners are greedy and have been eating well off players for years. It is evident games missed is costing everyone a lot money. So far, November and now it looks like possibly December may be canceled. David Stern has said this not to be a punitive negotiation, where threats, ultimatums and artificial deadlines are made. Stern has been clear “We have to work together for the continued interest of this spectacular product. Therefore, let’s take the necessary steps to come to a place where our financial situation can continue to build buildings, fan base, pay team personal, owners and players. The game must go on. There is no way the season will be canceled.”

However, the players are upset at the NBA’s buffoonery representation. Leaking information to the media and trying to turn fans against them. It is the NBA which is creating damage instead of creating damage control. During some media statements players have been called “Stupid” not to take the deal and insulting their intelligence. Media is attempting to make the Lockout appear to be the players fault and titling them as having egos and pride. In reality it is the players who are simply standing on principle. The players are the ones sacrificing for the greater good. It is not only for their movement but other affiliated leagues, no one is talking about that. Why is this Lockout just as important as Occupy Wall Street? The answer is clear, because unfair practices lead to destruction.  This is what our BuzzViewers had to say.

(BuzzViewer #1) I applaud the Lockout. I think the players should stand their ground. Michael Jordan who is part owner agreed they shouldn’t settle and he know the deal. He was a player. So, he knows firsthand that the players are getting screwed. I am glad that MJ was not scared to speak his mind. I’m glad the players are holding the fort. For the record they are not stupid. It was the NBA that made them go and get a two year college degree to play.  This is a perfect example of when you give a black man an opportunity. Yeah! Some of the ball players get in trouble but they are smart. Maybe if the NBA would have just taken them from High School this wouldn’t be an issue. These owners are dealing with educated black men. What!!!!!!

(BuzzViewer #2) There is going to be a deal. It would be too costly for the season not to continue. In the short term the players are affected but in the long term the owners will be affected as well. So, there is collateral damage right now but there are always casualties in war. If they don’t fix the problem the effect will become global. Overseas is talking about cut backs. When you start a negotiation at say $10 million and then turn the figure to $400,000. That is significant. The Lockout is necessary to gain economic sustainability for the players and future players. The key word future players.

(BuzzViewer #3) This is the best movement since civil rights. These players are sacrificing their career, earnings, retirements, nest egg, family need, reputation and relationships. Jay-Z was being honored at an event and had to deny associating with NBA players who attended the event. Com’on can’t say what’s up or take pictures with a college kid. That says it all right there, why the players are protesting. Funny how, now that the NBA players are predominately black, now all of a sudden the game is changing. One of the players said it. No more slaves! Pay the players with the increase they deserve all players not just star players. The poor side players get no respect in the contracts. Com’on be fair!

(BuzzViewer #4) The players should say “no” to the league’s proposal, file the decertification petition, and negotiate a better a deal. Yo! The fans are behind yall! Don’t foul out.

(BuzzViewer #5) Licensing and creating opportunities for the players to earn off court income is important. The NBA is like the record companies, you see what is happening to them. They want control of the players name and likeness. How you gonna control something that is not yours. The success of Michael Jordan franchise has just gone to their head. So, they want to own the players and the team. They got nooses around players necks to do whatever, NBA say. They only attend their fundraising events to circulate the money to their favorite organization. Try to get an NBA player to fund your cause.  Nawh! Let these players get what is due.

(BuzzViewer #6) There is a greater cause and obvious it has nothing to do with money and everything to do with what is right. Fight guys for your rights. Like Kobe said, start an infrastructure to financially support each other until there is a resolve. There is a $4 billion annual enterprise at stake an agreement will be made.

(BuzzViewer  #7) The question is how much damage before we come to a deal. The Lockout is like any other strike, when MTA strike for better conditions, nobody dog them out. The MTA don’t care about the people who rely on them for transportation service all year around. This is about a season. Miss a season so what. Get everything right. Get the banks right, get corporate America right, get the MTA right and stop raising the cost on everything and not raising people salaries. Rent is too dam high. Everybody need to Lockout.

(BuzzViewer  #8) It is important for players to keep control over their likeness. The NBA is player motivated. Michael Jordon sold out arenas, when Jordan came to NYC for a Chicago vs. Knick game. There were more Chicago team shirts than Knicks. The NBA franchise is run by the players. Therefore, they deserve whatever they are asking. Plus, this is the first time in history African Americans are holding a strong position in such a large organization. Look how many celebrities have put bids in to become franchise owners.  The Smiths joined Jay-Z (Nets), Usher Raymond and rapper Nelly (Bobcats). Look how successful The Globetrotters are today 85 years in. They have appeared in their own movies and TV shows and have been seen by hundreds of millions of people in 120 countries. The Harlem Globetrotters are simply the most famous basketball team in the world. Basketball has created record labels, films, t.v. shows, songs, clothes, made west 4th street and put 155th Rucker Park on ESPN.  Basketball is big business and everybody knows it, including the fans. You have my support fellas.

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The players and the league are back at the negotiating table, and by the end of the week, we’ll likely know one way or the other what will happen with the latest round of negotiations.  View the negotiations. http://www.usatoday.com/sports/basketball/nba/nba%20proposal%2011-11-2011.pdf

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