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Oprah Stand Your Ground


By Nigeria Anderson

Oprah Stand Your Ground!

oprahGeorge Zimmerman Acquittal & Oprah Winfrey Switzerland Account

The shooting death of Mr. Trayvon Martin and the acquittal of Mr. George Zimmerman caused an uproar in the African American community. Oprah Winfrey Switzerland account of a young lady who denies to show Oprah a $38,000 purse, is a clear example of the disrespect African American deal with everyday. African Americans should be outraged but are not.  Most pick and choose who we like and when we  choose to be  upset about an issue. Some don’t care because it’s just Oprah Winfrey she has money so what? or Why was she trying to buy a $38,000 bag anyway? or No matter how much money Oprah Winfrey has she is Black and it is what it is. I am sadden by what happened to Oprah Winfrey. It’s that scar mark which continues to plague our society on every level rich or poor.  African Americans are known consumers with and without money to spend. Oprah Winfrey, has never presented to me nothing less of her being African American. She has been transparent personally and with her racial encounters. For those who do not know this is not her first racial encounter. I am glad Switzerland made a public apology. You’re probably wondering how can I compare Zimmerman and Winfrey case? 

Glad you asked. There are many African American shoppers who deal with this regularly including myself. My birthstone is a diamond and particularly around my birthday, I like to purchase something nice. I had a lady come to me and say “You know those are real diamonds, do you want look over here.”  Many of our encounters go without exposure, until it hits home or it’s a celebrity. I am still waiting for an infrastructure to take place where we support our own and have an African American designer produce a purse valued to sell for $38,000 and Oprah Winfrey or Taylor Swift can purchase it.  If you are still wondering how I can compare Zimmerman and Winfrey good. If you know why and how I can compare these two kudos. Switzerland’s encounter is a root of a greater problem. It does not matter Oprah Winfrey’s financial or celebrity status. What matters is the fabric of hatred or intolerance of another race which met her in Switzerland. The outcome of an unresolved hatred or intolerance of another race is Zimmerman’s acquittal. Get that.

Although, Oprah Winfrey’s humble reverse I’m sorry may seem nice, there is someone else getting shot because they look like they were going to steal. I think that incident in Switzerland was just an incident in Switzerland. I’m really sorry that it got blown up. I purposefully did not mention the name of the store. I’m sorry that I said it was Switzerland, Winfrey said. When someone apologize for their wrong let’s acknowledge wrong and work together to create pace and make things right. Therefore, Winfrey should have said your apology is accepted.  Although, an apology is good, it’s bigger than that. Hats off to Oprah Winfrey for not requesting the girl get fired. Kudos overall for Winfrey walking out without a fuss.   However, when we are faced with these issues or challenges we must move to make a correction.

African Americans are challenged everyday with assaults regarding our rights as citizens in this country. New York’s controversial Stop and Frisk policy is a violation of our constitutional rights. Next week, on August 22nd 2013, the New York City Council will cast a vote that could decide the fate of crucial anti-racial profiling legislation and end racist policing in New York City once and for all. How can you make a difference? you have to become active write and tell your council members that the justice system and the citizens of New York or where ever you are at want to end racial profiling.  This is a serious matter, many can chuck it off as well its not that bad, I am here to tell you it is that bad. African Americans better raise up their voices, be heard and cast their vote. Not vandalize our neighborhoods, steal from each other but come together rich, poor and celebrities.  And celebrities hide but they know the real truth of racism in America.

barackmichThe church is not exempt from such behavior. Gospel singer Donnie McClurkin was cut from a Martin Luther King Jr. memorial concert because of the “potential controversy” it would cause. The reports of his cancellation ran “Ex-gay” gospel singer. Really, who can defend African Americans in a media which continues to discriminates. I thank the Lord for wwwUrbanbuzzmag.com Where Key Players Speak! because I will.  Mainstream media continues to disrespect the President and his wife. Title stories regarding the First Lady Michelle Obama posted, Michelle Obama is teaming with some big names in hip hop to help release a Let’s Move! Cd. Regarding our President a post will run Latest news on Barack Obama.  The disrespect is endless and no one is exempt.  So, we can shake our heads and keep them low or we can make a difference it’s all up to you. Be a Key Player!

God bless and I pray this post inspires you to do something different. The prophetic word which went forth at Zimmerman’s acquittal was Stand Your Ground. This is what we must do. Feel free to email me at Urbanbuzzmagazine@aol.com. Support our media medium by purchasing a Key Player Shirt $25 or Hat; Mail size long or short to P.O. Box 1169, Bronx, NY 10452.



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