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Pastor Alvin Darling


By Pastor Alvin Darling
EXCLUSIVE for Urbanbuzzmag.com

BUYER BEWARE! I felt compelled to warn everyone about C&L Associates. According to their letter head Linda Arthur is the owner. Kenzi Edlow, co-owner, and William Armstrong, business manager. I was booked on a cruise by Linda Arthur and husband for 2010.

It was a birthday celebration cruise on Carnival Cruise lines. Linda Arthur’s husband passed away and while I am feeling sorry for Linda, I rode six hours round trip to Baltimore, Maryland. I brought a musician with me, sang at his funeral, out of the goodness of my heart. Linda said the cruise would still be on but now in memory of her husband. In the mean time, Carnival dry docked the ship and the date of the cruise was changed to Jan 2011.

There were fans and family that purchased and paid deposits for cabins because Alvin Darling & Celebration was to be singing on this said cruise. Linda Arthur canceled my group from the cruise in September of 2010 because of financial difficulty. I then had to cancel because the new date would interfere with my attending the Stellar Awards. Fans and family had already paid for the cruise and I informed Linda Arthur that they were cancelling except for one couple. She sent a letter to me on April 5, 2011, saying that the money would be refunded by March 5, 2011. As of January 7th, 6:PM, 2012, she has not called. e-mailed, nor text. There have been no communication from her, and no refund received. The couple that was going to go on the cruise anyway, paid in total for their cabin. I was told by Linda Arthur, that the ship was booked up and no cabins left, even though C&L Associates had received their money for a cabin in 2010.

I think that I have conducted myself in a Christian manner by waiting a year to hear from Linda Arthur, Kenzi Edlow, or William Armstrong. None of which has contacted me after send me a letter promising to return the monies that were deposited into their company for the cruise. These people are truly wolves in sheep clothing. They talk Christianity but live like the devil. Do not ever do business with C&L Associates. They are liars, thieves and robbers. Certainly not children of God. The C&L Associates office is located in Randallstown, Maryland. BUYER BEWARE!

I felt compelled to share this story with my readers. Simply because this goes on a lot more then most are willing to share. I thank God for Pastor Alvin Darling for sharing his story.  However, I will not sit by and let my brothers and sisters in Christ be taken advantage of.  As a journalist and part of the Body of Christ. I will use my media medium to share the good, bad and ugly on what is happening in the Christian Community. If you have an issue the Urbanbuzzmag.com is open to share under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Pastor Alvin Darling has become a well established writer in the gospel arena. To name a few: “Won’t Let Go” for Shirley Caesar; “Holding On” and “He Keeps on Blessing Me” for Albertina Walker; “Victory Is Mine,” “Somebody Prayed for Me,” “Have Your Way Lord,” “The Storm Is Almost Gone” for Dorothy Norwood; “Live by the Word” for Donald Molloy; “God Can,” “I Am What God Says I Am” and “He’s All Over Me” for Bishop Jeff Banks and the Revival Temple Community Choir. His own project featuring the cut “God Is Good” and “Lord Do It For Me” has reached phenomenal sales, air play and chart success.

Darling directed “He’s All Over Me” performed by a mass choir from New Jersey at Carnegie Hall. He has sang at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. He is a Key Player in the gospel community and we support him on is willingness to share. Amen.

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