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Simply Prince

By Urbanbuzzmag.Com

It was a night of pure musical  bliss and entertainment.  The Artist, The Symbol,  The Man, The Musician, The Songwriter, The Actor, The Singer, better known as PRINCE. Live in concert. This was my second time seeing Prince in concert and he did not let me down. It was a musical mastery. First to stage Mr. Maceo Parker OMG, crowd goes wild.  American funk and soul jazz saxophonist, best known for his work with the late James Brown. The greatest of all times Maceo. Let the jam session begin. Prince joins in for a few moments of grooves to let the people know “It’s about to get funky.”

After Maceo warmed us up. Here he comes the man of the hour.  PRINCE! Plucking them strings on his guitar like, what did you come here to do? “I hope ya’ll came to party because that’s what we are getting ready to do.” And that is exactly what we did. We partied like it was 1999. When there was no recession. When we all admired him for making the song in 1982, praying we would be alive to dance and celebrate  in 1999.  Now 11years later we are still having a party.  Timeless, is his creative sound of musical genius.  Second on stage Ms. Shelia E. a drummer and percussionist, let the second jam session begin.  It was great to see those 2 on stage playing and rocking the crowd. PRINCE is a musical living legend for so many reasons. I am going to talk about them all.

PRINCE founded his own recording studio and label, writing, self-producing and playing most, or all, of the instruments on his recordings. He is truly on the list of greatest artist of all time. PRINCE’S music has been influenced by every musical genre. He is well respected within the industry in spite of what people may think. Revamping his lyrics and belief system, PRINCE is still doing well. His performances, live concerts and unannounced gigs keeps his fans very pleased. Public opinion on who Prince is fails by far. His poor reviews and criticism comes from him cutting out the middle man “Record Label.”

If you are an artist, you should know PRINCE”S story well. If not shame on you. The first big publicly known fight between an artist and a record label. Not since Ali’s big fight against the U.S Military has there been such controversy. In 1967, Ali refused to be inducted into the U.S. military, based on his religious beliefs and opposition to the Vietnam War.  This is the type of journalism most people stay away from but hey someone has to tell the truth. PRINCE refused to be a slave to what the music industry was trying to do then and still do today. Which is pimp and prostitute most African American artist. Yep! I said it.

When asked what happened? Prince response, “It is obvious that an artist should own their own masters. How can you claim ownership to something you did not create.” Let me be clear right here. PRINCE is talented and gifted. He is a self taught musician and an excellent student, mentored by his dad and other great musicians like Miles Davis. Which has made him a phenomenon in the music community. Very few artists have created a body of work as PRINCE. He is noted to have produced and written songs for some of the industries top selling performers. He is noted for providing his musical mastery behind films such as “Happy Feet,” “Batman” and of course “Purple Rain.” PRINCE plays well over 27 instruments. PRINCE”S music is original with influences by some of the best musicians in funk and rock and roll.  So, does he deserve to keep his creative control absolutely.  For studio artists you have to do what you have to do. I’m just saying there is a difference. You may get the free goods deal or the 360 deal where you don’t make any money and then owe whatever you do make. For the more savvy artists you just might get sound scammed and lose money there. Real talent and being original does pay off in the end ask PRINCE.

When asked how do you feel not having radio airplay? “I wish it wasn’t like that but I am not signed to a major record label. I’m doing well without radio airplay.” What is missing in today’s music? “Romance is missing in the music today.” PRINCE was the first major recording artist to have a web page where he actually, communicated with his fans. Today, we call it facebook and Myspace. Fans were able to download his songs at a high quality MP3 format, today we call it I-Tunes. Who is PRINCE? He is sensitive and caring. “The World can be a hurtful place and we all really need each other. Especially now.” You cannot ask PRINCE about what type of women he likes.  He will not answer you but re-route you to “let’s keep it about music.” At 52 let me tell you PRINCE still got it. His fans are of all ages and they love him for his music, advocacy and love for others. PRINCE is the bridge that created a way for artists to be free to express their talent, skills and ability to create good music. Without question there will never be another PRINCE.

After being smug by the industry and mocked by others. PRINCE still reigns supreme. He is a real example of an Urban Buzz Magazine “Key Player.”  I loved when PRINCE asked what we wanted him to sing.  The crowd blurted out song after song. “I just have to many hits.” More like ten platinum albums and thirty Top 40 singles during your career number of hits. I agree that would make it pretty hard to figure out what to sing.  I am looking forward to the new artists and work that will come from PRINCE. He has mastered keeping his masters, his money and his mind.

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