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Rico Love


By Nigeria

For 2012 It’s My Goal To Keep The #1 Hits Coming, Rico Love

Rico Love has that Hip-hop and R&B songwriters swag. He has written the theme song for the Sex and The City movie, and has established himself as one of the most sort after songwriters. Rico Love songwriting skills have resume for Beyonce, Chris Brown, Usher, Melanie Fiona, L.L. Cool J, Diddy and Mario. He is also the hit man behind the #1 Record “Motivation” by Kelly Rowland.

Rico Love received SESAC’s 2011 Songwriter Of  The Year.  You may have seen him on “Love & Hip Hop” cameo with his artist Teairra Mari. He is currently working on the new Brandy and Monica album. I had a few minutes to talk with Mr. Rico Love and this is what he had to say.

Ni: How do you determine what is a hit record?

Rico: I have pretty good taste. I know what I love from other songs. I can determine by how it makes me feel. A record may has to touch you.  It’s good when you understand what the writer is saying.

Ni: Do you have any specific strategies in preparing a song?

Rico: No

Ni: Which artist outside of R&B would you like to write a song for?

Rico: The alternative rock band R.E.M.

Ni: There goes my baby by Usher, how did you come up with that song?

Rico: Myself and Jim Josin collaborated.  I put the cords, music and melody down. I just began singing it.  What you hear when Usher sings, is how I heard it from the cord.

Ni: I know people like yourself who have written great songs and still struggle with confidence when writing that next song. What comments do you have about that?

Rico: You just have to do it. Its like a kid who makes a 3 pointer in a basketball game on the first shot, you have to keep tying to make that 3 pointer. To build up your confidence you just have to keep writing songs.

Ni: What have you done with your rapping aspirations with all your R&B success?

Rico: My first love is rap. I am working with T.I, Nelly and Fat Joe.

Ni: Keeping busy. Signing your first deal what was that experience like, did you know the ends and outs of your points as a songwriter?

Rico: I had a great lawyer and I always had a take it or leave it attitude. Not afraid to leave a deal if it didn’t match.

Ni: How does it work when you have a song that is ready?

Rico: My songs always find a home.  I may send a song out to an artist. If they like it cool if not people find me. On my free time I write song to build my catalog. I’m constantly writing.

Ni: When an artist approaches you about doing a song, what is the process?

Rico: They have to come to the studio and book time.  We sit in the studio and make it happen.

Ni: Do you have any format for your songs?

Rico: No a song is a song.  Once you create it does what it going to do.

Ni: Well thank you Rico Love for chatting with Urbanbuzzmag.com “Where Key Players Speak!” and we are sure the hits will keep coming. Thanks for being a Key Player. If you would like to reach out to Rico Love email us at Urbanbuzzusa@aol.com. We Salute you this Black History Month.

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