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Sean C. Johnson


By Nigeria

Christian Music’s Neo Soul Singer Sean C. Johnson

Releases new project Simply A Vessel Vol 3: Surrender All.

Sean C. Johnson new project Simply A Vessel Vol 3: Surrender All is on heavy rotation in the UBM office.  Sean Johnson is going to share with us about his new project, sound and praise.   “So many times in my walk I’ve been told to “surrender all.”  But no one ever told me HOW to “Surrender All.” What does it look like to be totally surrendered to God? How does one begin surrendering to God?  So that’s what I wanted this album to be.  A starting point in the dialogue on what it means to surrender EVERYTHING to God. How to surrender your Future, your Present, your Past, your Dreams, your Desires.  Totally give it up to God, let go of the burden of worrying about what tomorrow will bring and let God write the story.” Gospel music have so many genre Country, Jazz, Contemporary, Urban, Hip-hop and when it is true, you can receive the message. Whether bopping your head or relaxing the Spirit of God will be revealed.  That is for my true worshipers.  We know that in order for us to worship Him, we must worship in Spirit and in Truth and neither can lie.

Ni: Sean why did you choose neo soul music for your worship sound? I must admit I never heard gospel in this format but I am enjoying the Cd.

Sean: Worship to me requires that you humble yourself before God and in essence bare your “soul” to Him. This genre embodies that. Soul music does a good job of capturing raw, true, authentic emotion with no restraints. Here I am Lord wretched, broken, and in need of your healing. Come fix me! That to me captures the heart of worship. Just realizing that there is someone bigger than you and humbling yourself before him and surrendering everything to Him.

Ni: Gospel Neo-Soul. It sounds good hearing Jesus name behind the grooves. Most of us grew up listening to soul music, so it is only natural that as an artist even a gospel artist the influence may be heard. Your new Cd is spiritually soulful, have you received any resistance?

Sean: Actually I’ve been pretty well received! I personally believe that everybody is a closet Neo-Soul fan, they just won’t admit it. (laughter) In all seriousness, I haven’t received much resistance, most people are open to the style of music I do.

Ni: How is it hanging out with your friends and listening to your Cd how receptive are your peers?

Sean: Good question! Even though I’ve been doing music for 5+ years now, it’s still weird to have my friends or peers come up to me singing my lyrics. At one point the song they’re singing was just a melody in my head, now it’s on a CD for all to enjoy…that’s crazy to me! But they are very receptive to my music. I get a lot of people coming up to me telling me how much they enjoy my sound.

Ni: Well, the good thing is that they are singing it and praising the Lord. Tell us how you came to know Jesus for yourself?

Sean: I came to know Him at a young age. By God’s grace I was raised in a family that not only attended church but lived it at home also. I accepted Christ into my life at the age of 12. I’ve been growing in my faith ever since but I’m humbled to see how God has directed my life since that day I stood and accepted Him as my Lord and Savior.

Ni: Sometimes when people hear gospel music outside of the traditional sound they question the artist relationship with the Lord. What do you have to say in regards to your relationship?

Sean: I think it’s in the fruit. Look at the fruit. My walk hasn’t been perfect but my relationship with Christ has produced some amazing fruit in my life. I do my best to live the same life I proclaim ON stage as I do OFF of it. If at any time my life doesn’t reflect my Art I have accountability partners that call me on it (Pastors, Mentors, friends, etc.).

Ni: Oooh you almost made me shout right there. That is good. Well said and God bless for having accountability. You doing better than some pastors but let me stay focused. Did you write or produced any of the songs on the album?

Sean: I wrote all of the songs on my album, except for the couple of verses that are sung or rapped by a featured artist. Outside of that I left the Production side of things to the professionals. Had the pleasure of working with some phenomenal producers (Boonie Mayfield, J-Lee, Beast) just to name a few.

Ni: Cool. I see you up for touring how do you plan to minister with this album?

Sean: As humbly and transparent as I possibly can…I can only share my testimony. I can’t get up on a stage and pretend to be someone I’m not. I can share other experiences but ultimately I plan to testify of how God has impacted MY life and how I know He can do the same for you.

Ni: A real message in the music. Who is one of your favorite Neo Soul recording artist?

Sean: Man…Probably Musiq Soulchild. I remember the first time hearing one of his songs. I was like who IS this?!? Been a fan ever since. Outside of him probably Jill Scott and Bilal, though I don’t always agree with their content I can appreciate their talent and artistry.

Ni: Amen. Well now someone will be able to add your music to their Neo Soul spiritually filled sound on their music devices such as I did. When I first heard the Cd I was like get this on my I-pod immediately. What else are you working on?

Simply A Vessel Vol 3: SURRENDER ALL or “Surrender All” for short. Lol has my attention now and preparing for the tour. I can’t wait for everyone to hear it. I think it’s my best work to date.

Ni: Do you play any instruments?

Sean: I play a little bit of piano and I’m a beast at “Air Guitar.” Lol

Ni: Okay. Lol that’s good right there. Which is your favorite track and why?

Sean: Hmmmm….it would probably have to be “MLMX” (feat. Apoc) off my new album. I stepped out my box a little bit and the result is amazing. It’s definitely a “revolutionary” song. Even with the heavy grooves I can still feel the Spirit, I am absolutely enjoying it.

Ni: Amen. What would you like to say to those reading this?

Sean: I would like to say I pray my music profoundly affects your walk in a Positive way. God so graciously gave me a gift and my desire is to use it to edify his people and bring Him glory.

Ni: Wow! I like that. Amen. It is my pleasure to have you share with Urbanbuzzmag.com. You are a real Key Player in our books. God bless you and keep up the neo soul praise. For more information about Sean C. Johnson visit http://www.seancjohnson.com. Don’t forget to get your copy of Simply A Vessel Vol 3: Surrender All.

If you have any questions or comments for Sean C. Johnson email us at Urbanbuzzusa@aol.com.

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