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Slingshot All-City Youth


Inspirational Spoken Word and Christian Music Creatively Collide On The SlingShot 2011 Soundtrack

Stemming off the heels of the electrifying annual SlingShot All-City Youth Conference in Seattle, the SlingShot 2011 soundtrack is now available for download.  SlingShot 2011, presented by Strike The Rock Entertainment, is a compilation CD that combines Christian music (gospel, worship, urban and pop) and spoken word inspired from the Slingshot All-City Youth Conference. Contributing artists on this innovative collection are a select group of Christian music’s upcoming young, inventively creative worshipers’ with powerful voices and unwavering stances on the Word of God. Seattle, has really made a mark with SlingShot 2011. From beginning to end the CD is great. This is the first CD the Urban Buzz Magazine staff heard, which combined various gospel styles together on one CD without messing it up.

The project is the brainchild of Ingrid Fields, President of Strike The Rock Entertainment, who’s vision was to capture the conference spirit, high energy and diversity.  Fields and Michelle Lang (Founder of the SlingShot All-City Youth Conference) teamed up to craft the compilation in which Lang has several songwriting credits.  “We wanted to create something that the youth attending the conference could take home with them after having such mountain top experiences at the event,” says Lang.  And now, everyone can enjoy this unique music collection that has ingeniously intertwined thought provoking spoken word.

The SlingShot 2011 project houses an impressive roster of independent artists with diverse musical backgrounds who have come together out of the pure desire to inspire a new generation. They are not playing. Throughout the entire CD project you can hear the praise in their hearts.  Without out question you will definitely hear more from this roster of great talent. “Say It LOUD” / Performed By: Bria Manaway ft. Sharron Davis, “Like Him” / Performed By: Brandy Nordgren, “All Good” / Performed By: Angie Shields, “More of U” / Performed By: Kaleb Nash, “iGod” / Written/Performed by: Tia Nache’, “There Is Hope” / Written/Performed by Mark Wagner,”I’m A Witness” / Written/Performed By: Michelle Lang, “Only You” / Performed By: Willie Will, “What If”/ Written/Performed By: Morrissa Nicole. This is one of the best Cd’s released this year. “A must have” says Nigeria Anderson owner of the www.UrbanBuzzMag.com.

SlingShot 2011 is music from a new generation, with real dedication, it’s their declaration and they say it loud! Gifted newcomer Bria Manaway takes the lead on the single “Say It Loud”.  It is evident that she will bring us more great songs as “Say It Loud” is a hit single.  The spoken word ” iGod” performed by Tia Nache’ receives a Key Player nod from the Urban Buzz Magazine staff. Overall SlingShot 2011 is worth adding to your collection. To get a copy visit ITunes and make your request known.

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