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Hasani Dada


By Nigeria Anderson

New Music Titled Honestly

In an attempt to describe the creative flow of Hasani Dada, the singer, songwriter, choreographer and actor would be a disservice.  Hasani Dada is a young gifted artist sending love, light and sound to you all. His passion for song stems from his youth choir days.  As he got older he joined a theater company and was trained by Brian Andrews, Lea Roy and Julie Rowe of the Maltz Jupiter TheatreHasani Dada was featured in several projects such as In The Heights, Hairspray, Black Nativity & Raisin The Musical.  Moving to dance, Hasani Dada is professionally trained in Jazz, Ballet, Tap and Modern Dance. In 2018 Hasani Dada received his call to put his talents, skills and abilities on display. He began his solo career as an independent soulful R&B recording artist. He released an EP titled Temporary with a hit single Soul Food.  Obtaining good reviews and great feedback Hasani was confident that becoming an entertainer in the entertainment business was his calling.


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