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Caryl Q


By Nigeria Anderson

Let’s Get It, Let’s Go!

Think about the world you want to live in and then create it. Well that is what Music Maven Caryl Q did.  In the 80’s she decided the music business was where her heart belong.  Participating in an internship and working her way up to an executive assistant proved she had what it took. Connecting and networking with the who’s who in the industry, it was just a matter of time before Caryl Q launched her own public relations company.  Understanding the core of business and how the wheel turns. Caryl Q was able to offer keys to success for each client and company she worked with.  Caryl Q has worked with most major recording labels and industry talents such as Sting, Diddy, Busta, Def Leppard, Akon, Shabba Ranks, L.L. Cool J, Salt & Pepper, 50 Cent and one of her favorites still today Darnell Jones.


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