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Marcus Jordan


By Nigeria Anderson


Marcus Jordan has been a musical prodigy since 7 years old.  Marcus is a pastor’s kid but going to church and singing did not bother him one bit.  As he pursued his interest in music, he performed with groups.  Enhancing his skills in singing, songwriting and playing keyboard. Quickly becoming known throughout Houston as one of the most sought after keyboard players. Marcus Jordan began playing for various churches and opportunity knocked.  Music World Entertainment hired him as a house band keyboard player.  That’s when you can say, your gifts will make room for you.  I know you wanna say what? Playing for the world.  NOPE just being in the world and working as a musician, playing for artists such as Solange Knowles, IB3, Angie Stone, Brian Courtney Wilson, Kurt Carr, Juanita Bynum and Trinitee 5:7. Listen to our interview to find out what happen while touring.


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