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Sheila E.

Urbanbuzzmag.com By Nigeria Anderson Benefit Concert September 16 2017   World renowned artist Sheila E. is teaming up with L.M. Foundation to headline Te Aspiring 2B A Better Me™ Benefit Concert…

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Aspiring 2B A Better Me™


By Nigeria Anderson

It’S Time To Build

Welcome Pamela Price, Founder/C.E.O of L.M. (Life Ministry) Foundation, she is preparing to build the Aspiration House.  It will be A Transitional Home for families of Domestic Violence. Her goal is to break ground in October 2017 in celebration of Domestic Violence Month. It is the vision of Pamela Price and L.M.Foundation, to create a safe space for those who are need. Domestic Violence is very serious and families can be torn apart because of it. If you suspect something is going on or you are being abused, call the Domestic Violence Hotline for help. I had great pleasure speaking with Pamela Price on this very urgent topic which is increasing.


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