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The Electronic Acts


We went around and looked through our emails to help answer the question regarding artist sales.

BuzzViewer (BV)

There are so many unknown artists that are climbing the charts and selling 10k to 20k a week digitally. That’s not bad for someone just dropping a single. Then you have celebrity artist who sell a couple of million in a day.  After that, they have to compete with unknown and other established artist. It’s the age of the electronic artist, is it good or hype.

The UrbanBuzzMag.Com buzzviewer’s (BV) debated over the beginning sales of Jay-Z with Kanye West and Lil Wayne. (BV1) The truth is Jay and Kanye sell to a more mature audience. Let’s face it they are older rappers. Lil Wayne is younger and attracts a younger trendy audience.  However, the deception is an artist may sell a million in one day but there are 365 days in a year.

(BV2) Where the stakes continue regarding income numbers is in touring. Now, Jay-Z and Kanye will do better in touring dollars because their audience is older and have the money to spend on a $200 ticket. Lil Wayne audience is younger and parents cannot control their children downloading a song but they can control not giving them $200 to go to a Lil Wayne concert. Then you have unknown artist who have a loyal fan base who can sell out arenas. Now the difference between an unknown artist and celebrity artists is the loyalty. Celebrity artist tend to mess up by getting themselves in trouble and disappointing their fans, losing their loyalty.

(BV3) Celebrity artist know they better hurry up and hit the touring circuit before their album run out of steam. Especially, if there are only three good songs on the entire project. However, there is an influx of artist promoting themselves and using the social media as their means of communication. For the unknown artist the “Hey Dj play my song,” has been replaced by go to I-Tunes and download my song. Local performances in clubs are becoming a big hit too. Not only for the artist, the club owner too.  The struggling artist can bring in business on a slow night, especially in this economy. Hey and you never know what next big celeb may be floating through.

(BV4) This is what I think about the electronic artist phenomenon. It’s simple the consumer has always and will always be the true factor regarding sales. The truth is there is an audience for ever style of music out. Consumers are not unintelligent. What the electronic age has done, is it slowed down moving units. No longer do you have to buy the actual Cd or album whatever the term now. The industry would release a single and you had to buy the entire Cd which increased the volume of sales. Today you like the single you download it. So, an unknown artist who has a hot single can be financially compensated.  Music enthusiast may like that new single by an unknown artist. They like, they download it and it doesn’t matter. What matters is the song appealed to them enough to buy. If they bought it then they will check for that unknown artist again.

(BV5) The industry is in disarray because they can’t bamboozle you with one hot album single and the rest of the material is watered down.  They pay one hot producer to produce a track and then there is no money for the rest of the tracks and now there is only 1 or 2 hits. With the electronic age I can listen to the entire album and if I like only 1 or 2 singles then that’s all I am going to download next. Also, if the production of the album sound like the other 3 albums released I am not interested.  So technology may be a hindrance in some ways regarding  how much you sell. The good thing about it, you can get sales.

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