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Whitney Houston


Whitney Houston’s Afterlife Projects

by Nigeria

It was a sad day when the reports came across the media venues, that Whitney Houston passed away. Since then most of us continue to grieve when more news of yet another performer or legend crosses over into the afterlife. Whitney Houston’s legacy and estate has become a political ploy among those who claim to have a right. The Iconic singer’s legacy is being torn apart by those who feel they can best benefit. Yes! as the late “Biggie Smalls” says You’re Nobody (Til Somebody Kills You) talk about a message in the music.

It is the sad saga of an artist having limited postmortem success, even though Houston had great success when alive. When I say limited, it is not that Whitney Houston did not make money or have money. When she passed, I believe her estate valued at $20 million. One Key problem with her fortune is the limited residual income. For the record, remember these Key words: Beneficiaries, Family and Inheritance. Yes! Whitney Houston had some issues as we all do but death is an issue that must be addressed. In the African American community there seems to be a lack of preparation, from Pookie to the stellar award performer.

Unlike some of the more trendy machine pushed artists with perfumes, clothing line, hair, footwear, makeup and jewelry etc. Whitney Houston did not have any branding or licensing products that I know of, limiting any residual income. Whitney Houston was not the songwriter of her greatest signature hits. So, what happens to her legacy and estate? Unless you fight hard to protect your artistry like Prince, well lets just say, your label will do what they can to squeeze a few more bucks out of you. The industry today has no interest in long term goals of an artist. No more 5 album deals and artist development. Make a YouTube video and if you get over a million hits, you are the next big superstar. It’s all about what is hot in the now. When later comes and you have cooled off goodbye. We are in the world of 360 deals and desecration of talent and character. You have exactly 12 to 36 months to show you can sell yourself and if the numbers don’t match bye bye.

The days of classy diva’s have gone with Whitney Houston. So, who receives funds from the late Whitney Houston’s digital downloads, songs, albums and films? With new technology and social media, recouping from digital sales is still ambiguous among some labels. Since the new tech era there have been many lawsuits filed against record companies, for not paying correct royalties in a discrepancy of sales or licensing. Now you will learn what happens when your product is in the hands of the corporations. Movies and a tell all book. August 17th 2012 Sparkle will be released in theaters by Sony. Everyone will be watching for the numbers to see, is there any more juice left in the iconic singer legacy.

Take a breath and now exhale. Yep! the sequel to Waiting To Exhale is in the works. The 1993 novel by Terry McMillan grossed $81.4 million worldwide. Surely, “Sparkle” must surpass that number. Fox secured the sequel rights to McMillan’s Getting To Happy in 2010. Forest Whitaker is still on board as director and there is a fight for the tell all book. I guess when it is all said and done, Whitney Houston can rest in peace for real.

Congratulation to Bobbi Kristina who is working with Tyler Perry, mom Cissy Houston released an album and Bobby Brown remarried. It is good to see the family moving forward. The lesson to those artists who are eager to get into the entertainment business, remember it is a business. If you want to keep your legacy intact, prepare for your greatness. Whitney Houston was great at what she did and her voice will be remember throughout time. However, your greatness is not only for you, it is always meant for others to benefit.

We are going to see “Sparkle” upon its release and hope you will too. Our only question is how are they going to pull off the sequel to “Waiting To Exhale” without Whitney Houston? Please don’t get some jacked up actress to play her role. Thank you. Lastly, I guess there will be a biopic and I hope they get Grammy winner LeAndria Johnson to play Whitney Houston. I think it would be a great role for her and a plus for the gospel community. You all can just give me a little cameo. Whitney Houston remains a Key Player in our book. Whitney Houston has impacted many with her voice and song and she will be remember for that.

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