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Who Is Nigeria Anderson?


Nigeria Anderson is owner, Nigeria All Fun Productions, which includes Urban Buzz Magazine, “Where Key Players Speak!,” “Urban Buzz Magazine Gospel Show,” and  UrbanBuzzTv in production. Nigeria All Fun Productions an entertainment company, which represent creative and talented artists of all genre.

Nigeria’s background includes working for top entertainment companies such as Home Box Office, Lamcit Media Productions and Turner Broadcasting. It was just a matter of time before branching off and creating Nigeria All Fun Productions. Nigeria has worked with a host of CEO’s, celebrities and performing artists. Nigeria’s marketing and promotion is top notch. It is her niche which has kept Urban Buzz Magazine  in the forefront. Now in the digital era, Nigeria is hopeful to take her company to the next level.

“The new platform gives me the ability to have leverage as an independent company. UrbanBuzzMag.Com  can deliver. We are able to assist artists promote, link up with their I-Tunes account, sell their CD if they wish and we can add full episodes of our upcoming UrbanBuzzTv.  I want to deliver quality entertainment news. I want to be the voice that tells the truth.  My experience in entertainment has been very interesting.  I was a Saturday morning cartoon child.  I always wanted to know how they created cartoos. So, I went to school and received a BA degree in communications and engineering. I remember meeting the late Jim Henson,  he took me to his studio while they were shooting an episode for Seasame Street. I was overwhelmed, especially, since I grew up watching Seasame Street. He sat with me and really talked to me about the business. I will never forget it.  He was so nice and kind. He told me if I want to stay in business make sure I don’t offend anyone.  A jewel I kept.”

Nigeria extends her talents to humanitarian causes such as literacy programs, homeless, mental illness and domestic violence. She has produced various shows for public cable television. Nigeria can be heard on air 105.5fm and www.ShabachRadio.Com a gospel program. Tune in every Monday from 6pm to 8pm.  Nigeria is fun and laid back.  “I enjoy what I do. The only problem I have is the  hardship of obtaining sponsors. However, I have come this far without and I know the door will open soon.”

The Urban Buzz Magazine “Where Key Players Speak!” has received great accolades from various celebrities who are faithful readers. “I think it is great when I get a call from a publicist or the artist saying “thanks I really like the article. ” I like to bring people into the conversation.  Also, I just want to have fun.  Let’s not talk about what everyone else is talking about. I am a church girl and so when you ask someone “how are you doing?” and they say fine. You know when they are not telling the truth. So, when I meet with an artist, I always ask them what would you like to talk about. If they start with that basic computerized format of interviewing, I just stop and let them know, this is for the Urban Buzz Magazine “Where Key Players Speak!” We laugh and then we get to business.”

The Urban Buzz Magazine has it’s own unique style. Today you can read up on the hottest entertainment news on www.UrbanBuzzMag.Com. The online magazine covers performing arts from the perspective of the artists. In publication, there are few that speaks to the readers like the Urban Buzz Magazine. Nigeria has access behind the scenes and intimate access with top celebrities that gives UBM that edge. The UrbanBuzzMag.Com provides news, information, feature stories and exclusive performances. The Urban Buzz Magazine is committed to the diverse talent which  make up the great mosaic of music and entertainment.

“In this busy world of instant gratification and smoke and mirrors. You need a place where you can come and enjoy. I have had great experiences publishing the Urban Buzz Magazine. I have met wonderful people in this industry who have been helpful beyond measure, getting me exclusive because they know they can trust me. The key in this business is to have good relationships. When I meet with someone I try to make sure we connect. Sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. There are more nice people in the industry than you think. Every now and then I will come across a diva or divo or two. Overall, for the most part everyone is just trying to eat. If you have been in the business more than 5yrs you pretty much know the deal.”

The Urban Buzz Magazine “Where Key Players Speak!” slogan for 2011. Get Use To The Blessings In 2011. Let’s Go! We hope that you will continue to visit and support the Urban Buzz Magazine. We thank you for your support thus far. Please let us know how we can better keep you informed. God Bless.

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