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William Rinehart

~R.G. Major~

William Rinehart owner of Come Clean, Inc. took time from his busy schedule to chat with the UrbanBuzzMag.Com. Come Clean Entertainment is making its mark in the music industry. Leading the way is  William Rinehart  who says self-determination, aggressiveness, loyal and being  humble are the keys to success.

UBM: Briefly share with our readers where Come Clean Entertainment is originally based at & how you got the company started

“Come Clean Entertainment was originally based out of Chicago, Illinois.  The company evolved from my former entity “Chill Promotions.”  I Started out May of 1991 as a concert promoter. I developed relationships with industry executives and wanted to create a way to make a difference, in the community and in the music industry.  So in 2001, I decided to move to Beloit, Wis. married my beautiful wife / president “Tashya Rinehart” and formed Come Clean Entertainment, Inc.”

UBM: What makes the Come Clean Entertainment brand stand out from your perspective?

“Come Clean Entertainment brand stands for Creating Other Methods Empowering Children Learning Every Avenue Necessary.  Come Clean is not just a movement.  Come Clean is not just an entertainment company.  Come Clean is a force.  An entity that’s willing to accept people how they are and tell their story how they choose.  When people see the brand “Come Clean” I want them to see change, opportunity, acceptance, and love.  Come Clean tells our young people that it does not matter what situation you are in, or what type of foundation you come from for you can make it out.  You can do anything you desire with faith in God and in yourself, not man.”

UBM: I understand that you’ve recently launched “Come Clean South” down in Kentucky. Congratulations & what are your feelings on the new venture?

“I decided to launch “Come Clean South” to not just expand the company, but to create an outlet for the artists out of the Midwest to be heard in specific regions in the south, and for artists in south to be heard in specific regions in the Midwest.  I feel that this will establish more value and purpose towards creating an outlet for our young people where they can see themselves coming out of the “hood.”  Shout out to Vance Hunt (president of Come Clean South), and Lynnette Cummings (vice president of Come Clean South)”

UBM: As the CEO, how would promote Come Clean Entertainment to a talented group or solo artist who’s looking for a home to get themselves established in the music business?

“As CEO, I promote “Come Clean Entertainment” to other artists as a “true family” of different backgrounds and situations which come together to learn from each others experience and grow together with our common bond of entertainment.”

UBM: Who are the talented artists currently on your roster & what makes each one of them unique?

“We have a wonderful variety of talent aboard the “Come Clean roster.”  Each artist brings their own little ”swagger” to the table which blends in with the roster as a whole.  First, coming out of Come Clean Central / Midwest Division, we have Crowned Zubie (R&B singer) who brings an usher/neo type feel with his melody and lyrics, with a Chris Brown twist with his stylish dance moves “A modern day Michael Jackson” – Stuart Love/Former Head A&R of Warner Bros. Reprise.  Next, we have ChiWezt our hip hop artist who dazzles the listeners with his word play and energetic delivery “The potential of another Bump J movement” – Leroy J./Midwest Manager of Atlantic Rec. Next, we have Motion, hip hop artist who has earned the name “Mr. 608, and Mr. 12-18” and has been praised by magazines, and djs on his energy and club banger style type music.  Next, there is Lady Note and Da Golden Child, hip hop group who brings not only two different dynamic styles bringing together one complete package, but is the ultimate brother and sister team in the business.  Next, we have Killah Bane, hip hop artist who brings his personal experience from the “hard knock life of the streets” to the track to express himself in his own unique way.  Next, we have Dragon, R&B artist and writer who specializes in appealing to the ladies, and keeping the ears of the crowd with his angelic voice.  Now last, but not least we go to Come Clean South (Down South Division), and the sole act signed from the down south region “Struggle before Success.” These group of young men are criss-crossing the southern region making a mark of their own in hip hop with each individual own unique style and flavor giving them as a group the ability to be the ultimate entertainers.  Also look out for future Gospel acts coming soon.”

UBM: What do think of the current state of R&B & Hip Hop music?

“I think that the current state of R&B/Hip Hop is in a transitional state.  The industry is now starting to become more diversified in its approach to entertaining its listeners.  Gangster rap is no longer accepted as the only type of rap to the masses.  Hip Hop and R&B is starting to open its eyes to a wider spectrum of life accepting the fact that it’s alright to rap or sing about the good things in life, and most importantly God.”

UBM: The best piece of advice your parents ever gave you.

“To always stay upfront and real with people to avoid later bad situations and consequences.”

UBM: What words of wisdom would you share with someone who aspires to do what you do as a successful entrepreneur?

“Always keep God first in whatever you do, and keep the 3D’s within your principles of business being dedication, discipline, and determination.”

UBM: If you invited 4 notable guests (living or deceased) for an interesting dinner chat, who would they be?

“Russell Simmons, Willie Jones, Martin Luther King, and Jesus Christ.”

UBM: How can our loyal readers of UrbanBuzzMag.Com find out more about the Come Clean empire & also touch base with you to network?

“People can go to www.comecleanent.com to find out more information.”

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