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Woman Around Town: Alison Li

Multimedia Tornado

By Jan Clarke

Alison Li is an amazing up and coming multimedia producer who is taking the film-making scene by storm. Her work includes Safe Guarded, described as a “fiction narrative psychological thriller feature,” story by and produced by Li and written by Dashel Finley, andCamelthorns a collaborative piece with Doug Liman, whose film credits include Mr. and Mrs. Smith and The Bourne Identity. She is now working on a series of documentary-like pieces that are catching the attention of many in and outside the industry.

I met Alison Li at a birthday party for Kevin Powell, the political activist and writer who speaks out against violence against women and girls. Even though it was my first time meeting Li, she came out of Dame Dash’s studio and into the rain to make sure I got into Powell’s celebration. I knew we’d get along well. She greeted me like I was an old friend and that set the mood for the entire night. We walked through the studio surrounded by success, both of us almost too shy to meet anyone. Once her publicist, Angela Mack, showed up, Li put on her networking hat. I stood back and watched as she held captivating conversations with writers and politicians alike. Before we had a chance to sit down and talk, I was pulled into a cab

“This is a real woman around town,” her publicist told me as I slammed the door closed. In the front seat of the cab sat Johnny Nunez, the celebrity photographer, particularly for those in the Hip Hop community, and founder of Nubuzzphoto. “So where we’re going is Donna Karan’s loft; it’s beautiful,” Nunez said as he described the many different events he had attended there.

He was right; the huge space was gorgeous. It was filled with the influential people of the film and fashion industry. Donna Karan stood on stage in front of a projector screen, expressing her excitement about the an offering of the Tribeca Film Festival, The Other City, a documentary focusing on depressed areas of Washington D.C., blocks from the White House. Immediately, Alison Li dived into the crowd, energized by what she loves most—creating change through film.

“I’m a multi-media producer,” she said to me in the middle of the interview. She produces media that takes a look into the real lives of real people without crossing the line into reality television.

Her real life is not always as star-studded as it was Monday night. The regular people are those who make her life in New York so rewarding. When asked how living in New York has influenced her work, she said, “The connections are so short here. I can literally step out of my house, stop the first person I see and ask them about anything and they would know which way to direct me. Everyone here is so willing to help; they don’t burst your bubble.” She went on to talk about how talented and motivated New Yorkers are.

“I idolize people who really go for what they want, keep their eye on the target and find the best way to get there,” she said. “People who make a career happen for them, and are able to manipulate their journey to what benefits themselves and those around them (and of course without physically hurting others).”

Li, who was born and raised in Wrexham, Wales, knew that New York was the place to be in order to grow as an artist. Her hometown’s lackadaisical nature didn’t rub off on her and she didn’t intend on allowing it to. She explored every form of art and when she decided that she “loved being the glue between elements” and working in a team, film became her art of choice. So she packed her things, left behind her entire family and migrated to the U.S. much like her parents did when they left Hong Kong to move to the U.K. Movement toward a greater life is a part of her family’s history, which is probably why they support her as long as she’s happy.

And boy, does she seem happy. She wore a welcoming smile the entire night.

“My favorite thing to do in New York is socializing…being within a human group experience…great, cheap massages…and eating.” She said the latter as if she was divulging a secret. Her small frame does hide her love for food but as she discovered, the diverse cultures and foods are some of the greatest parts of this city.

Li’s an expert at discovering the truth and this is what she is doing with her latest documentary on Michelle Barry a.k.a Brittany Andrews.

Her new music documentary series The Line Up has just premiered, sure to become a successful addition to the likes of MTV and VH1. To stay on top of the incredible work of Alison Li, follower her on Twiiter and Facebook.

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