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The Key Player Merch is a campaign to help us continue to not charge for interviews to help artist have a respectable media platform to share their work and stories. Whether top charting artists or a rising star.  Support the movement.  simply by purchasing a T-shirt.   Click the photo and get your shirt. Let us know your size and where to ship.

Jumpstart your mind

Jumpstart Your Mind is a highly informative self-help resource tool to manage your thoughts, which leads to healthy decisions. One of the greatest challenges in life is the ongoing task of, thinking about what you are thinking about. Once you can develop a new paradigm, this will begin the genesis of a new lifestyle. The authors in this book have given us a step-by-step practical guide that is so applicable for the end user. (Excerpt from Foreword by Ambassador, Dr. Patricia Bailey.)

Make sure you get your copy of this inspirational book to encourage you through getting rid of negative thoughts.  Learn how from those who have been in the dark places, where they battled with low self-esteem and mental illness but through faith and willingness overcame anxiety and depression. (Click the book to make your purchase)


b major enterprise

Major Enterprise is a family collaboration of individual entrepreneurs who share resources, ideas, and creativity to create, produce, share and market original products and works of art that includes, but is not limited to music, Internet Based Shows (IBS), movies, gaming, and printing.  Click the photo to visit their website.

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