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Abiah’s New Music


By Nigeria Anderson

Every now and then you can come across an artist whose talent, skills and ability are so amazing you know they have an anointing for song. Well Jeremiah Abiah, I could just stop at his name but I will continue.  Abiah is that talent. Beloved by many of the greats in the music industry, circles are talking about his new Cd Life Is A Ballad.  Finally, a Cd you can enjoy from beginning to end. Abiah’s next video titled Goodbye is set to debut on April 9th 2013. However, there is nothing like seeing him live. I had the wonderful opportunity to attend his concert which wowed me. Check out the video interview with Mr. Abiah. A must see. He is a real Key Player in the music industry. We are excited for Abiah and what he has to offer the music industry at this crucial time. It is our pleasure to introduce to our readers Mr. Abiah.


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Simply Prince

By Urbanbuzzmag.Com

It was a night of pure musical  bliss and entertainment.  The Artist, The Symbol,  The Man, The Musician, The Songwriter, The Actor, The Singer, better known as PRINCE. Live in concert. This was my second time seeing Prince in concert and he did not let me down. It was a musical mastery. First to stage Mr. Maceo Parker OMG, crowd goes wild.  American funk and soul jazz saxophonist, best known for his work with the late James Brown. The greatest of all times Maceo. Let the jam session begin. Prince joins in for a few moments of grooves to let the people know “It’s about to get funky.”

After Maceo warmed us up. Here he comes the man of the hour.  PRINCE! Plucking them strings on his guitar like, what did you come here to do? “I hope ya’ll came to party because that’s what we are getting ready to do.” And that is exactly what we did. We partied like it was 1999. When there was no recession. When we all admired him for making the song in 1982, praying we would be alive to dance and celebrate  in 1999.  Now 11years later we are still having a party.  Timeless, is his creative sound of musical genius.  Second on stage Ms. Shelia E. a drummer and percussionist, let the second jam session begin.  It was great to see those 2 on stage playing and rocking the crowd. PRINCE is a musical living legend for so many reasons. I am going to talk about them all.


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