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Tyler Perry’s Temptation


By Nigeria Anderson

Tyler Perry’s Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor

Writer, director, producer, actor and playwright Tyler Perry Celebrates his 14th Film Temptation: Confessions Of a Marriage Counselor based on his 2008 play. Normally I do not review films in such detail and since Tyler Perry did not send me a birthday gift for my birthday April 15th yet. I will still do as the Holy Spirit prompt me to do and comment on his film. Firstly, by now with all the reviews and promotions you know the summary.  A cheating wife played very well by Judith (Jurnee Smollett-Bell) her transformation was excellent I must say. I enjoyed her criticising co-worker played by (Kim Kardashian) good job. Whenever, I see Vanessa Williams I know it is going to be good. She deserves an Oscar for her acting, I’m just saying. It is too early for me to go there because we know only African American films made by non African Americans get nominated for Oscars. Anyway, Vanessa Williams played (Janice) the boss lady and did a great job as usual. (Ella Joyce) who plays Judith’s reverend mom is absolutely great. Another actress with style and grace. I know you know where I am going, so come on with me. Judith’s husband is played by Harley (Robbie Jones) and I thought that was a great role for him. The seducer is played by Lance Gross (Brice), one lady behind me in the movie theater kept calling him the devil. Which means he did a good job in his role.  Renee Taylor (Store Owner) my homegirl from the Bronx, you know I have to represent, had the best role of all. Melinda, (Brandy Norwood) all I can say is well done Brandy.


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