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Hill Harper


By Nigeria Anderson

Hill Harper, Co-Founder of The Architect and Co.

Mr. Hill Harper is promoting his personal care lines for hair and body H2L for men and JUA Essentials for women. H2L and JUA are a complete line of premium personal care products made of Baobab Oil, natural oils, plant extracts and are free of harsh chemicals, which may cause Cancer.  Hill Harper is no stranger to Cancer, therefore his product line is more personal and well being for those who will use it.  He is not using his name, likeness or celebrity status to make you spend your money on his new line of products H2L and JUA.  He made them affordable and did his research to ensure they will not bring harm to your body.  How did he do it? He took part of the process from start to finish through his company The Architect and Co.  Harper also, knows the importance of having good products, while on set with bright lights and camera close ups.  Harper states, be your own Architect which means it is time to make better choices.  Most people have a mindset that if something is expensive it is better and that is a myth. I had the pleasure of speaking with our new KeyPlayer about life, health and who is Hill Harper.


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