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Shawn Cornelius


By Nigeria Anderson

Meet Shawn Cornelius

Shawn Cornelius is the CEO of Shawn Cornelius Entertainment.  He is a graduate of Shaw University where he earned his BA in theater. He became interested in stand-up comedy and has been performing across the U.S.  He quickly made a name for himself on the New York comedy circuit.  He has opened for Jamie Foxx, George Wallace and J Anthony BrownShawn has appeared several times on BET ComicView and can be found performing on weekends at LOL Comedy Lounge in Midtown Manhattan NYCShawn Cornelius is celebrating 30 years in comedy.  During his acting career, Shawn has appeared on Law & Order SVU and Criminal Intent Shawn Cornelius’ full length feature film Whatever It TakesThe Movie, When Blood Runs Cold, won Best Urban Underground Film at The People’s Film Festival.  Among other passions, Shawn is singer-songwriter, who plays an array of instruments.  Shawn Cornelius experienced an Ischemic Stroke in February of 2021.  He recently wrote a book, My Stroke Story, giving details of his recovery which is available on Amazon. 


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