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Hard 2 Earn


By Stephanie Woods

Wu-Tang’s 36 Chambers Discussion

Torae and Bonsu Thompson of Hard 2 Earn Podcast continue to give insightful thoughts, commendations and personal opinions on relevant music, but this particular discussion held at the ‘legendary’ Billie Holiday Theater based in Brooklyn dated November 27, 2023, has a place in hip hop history, this discussion was based on the 30th. album release of The Wu-Tang’s 36 Chambers.  On deck for a personal discussion around the group dynamic and relationships amongst the Clan was Matty C. the legendary music executive producer and former hip hop journalist.  Matty C was open and honest as he described each member’s personality and noted they were so hard core that most hip-hop heads appreciated something new for the culture and each member demanded respect and each member was treated individually and personally based on their temperament and disposition.  Jokingly Matty confirmed everything the audience heard about Russell Tyrone Jones aka “ODB”-Old Dirty Bastard, Dirt McGirt, Ason, Old Dirty and the name list goes on, but all is true and listening to any Wu-Tang album still gives him ‘goosebumps’.  According to Matty C, the Wu-Tang lead member and founder,  Robert Fitzgerald Diggs, aka ‘The RZA’ was given much respect for forming his own group without a record label. RZA was free to do as he pleased with the group, and this allotted creative freedom and RZA demanded respect. 


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