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Shaleia Jamerson


By Nigeria Anderson

Gnarly Casual Collection

Shaleia Jamerson is the Founder/CEO of fashion brand Gnarly Casual. Gnarly Casual  is an optimistic streetwear brand emerging into the fashion industry. Gnarly Casual purpose is to offer high-quality clothing at an affordable price.  Shaleia Jamerson is quickly gaining recognition as a young fashion designer making her mark. Gnarly Casual is joining the fast track of millennial entrepreneurs. Using the internet to proliferate her brand, Shaleia is wasting no time getting many familiar with her vibrant fun collection.  Gnarly Casual launched in June of 2021 and is leaving a trail of Gnarly Casual shirts, shorts and hats in the path of many customers wherever she goes. Creating her space here in New York by way of Maryland, Shaleia has quickly established Gnarly Fashion in New York.  Proceeds from every purchase goes towards sending a high-school student abroad to study.  So make sure you buy a hat, t-shirt or shorts, to pay it forward. 


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