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Diane Anderson


By Nigeria Anderson

There Is Help At Your Crossroad

I would like to introduce to you Mrs. Diane Anderson, CEO of Meet Me At The Crossroads, Youth/Young Adult Training Workshops and Seminars; To Inspire, Motivate, Encourage and Empower.  Meet Me At The Crossroads is a much-needed program designed to empower our youth ages 13 to 19 and young adults 20 to 30.  Diane Anderson will be hosting an event August 25th Saturday 9am to 11am at 1055 Summit Avenue Bronx, NY. The agenda will address Healthy Relationships.  During their Healthy Relationships workshop event August 25th Saturday 9am to 11am, Diane will address the troubling disconnect between adults and youth. With a vast array of teen deaths, suicides, drugs and gang violence, be encouraged, something is being done at the crossroads. Meet Me At The Crossroads offer various training workshops and seminars to aid these issues. Healthy Relationships will address our separation of guidance and lack of understanding our youth.   In order to see our youth grow up as responsible adults, Meet Me At The Crossroads Healthy Relationships workshop will open their discussion for all to take part in.


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