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Gospel Band Sensere


By Nigeria Anderson

Gerald Jones and James Wright Present Sensere

James E. Wright, lll, formed a band titled Sensere, a Christian Band which is currently promoting their new single If It Had Not Been from their new project Kingdom Therapy. Sensere is one of the most authentic Live Band sounds in both Christian & Gospel music. They are at the highlight of their Music Ministry. Sensere is not new to the gospel community but doors are opening regarding their sound. Let me mention, there is a sound when it comes to Music Ministry and at this time Sensere’s sound is being heard loud and clear. As James Wright mentioned in his interview with Urbanbuzzmag.com, not everyone can appreciate their gospel sound. However, Sensere is clear about their assignment and Music Ministry.

Urbanbuzzmag.com’s mission is to be a media partner for artists and promotion team. I am honored to have come across Sensere a Christian Band and their sound. I pray you support them by spreading gospel through music. Click the link below and hear wisdom on how to make it even when people close a door but when your purpose is true, doors will open. Please Like and Share.


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