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Urbanbuzzmag.com By Nigeria Anderson THE VOICE OF SIRIUS XM RADIO HEART & SOUL Cayman Kelly currently has a national radio show on Sirius XM's Heart & Soul. He has interviewed…

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Erica Martin


By Nigeria Anderson

Erica Martin’s New Release Thank You My Savior

5331_222476340433_6844988_nI recently was sent a song by Erica Martin titled Thank You My Savior, the melody and lyrics ministered to me immediately. Erica Martin has that sound, the sound which transmit and inspires bringing you into an intimate space with our Lord. I listen to submitted music most of the day.  It is always a pleasure to hear a true sound of a worshiper. Erica Martin’s song Thank You My Savior changes an atmosphere.  If you need a break from stress one listen and you will be refreshed. This is for my real worshipers.

Erica Martin is a praise & worship leader at her church, The Lord’s House of Tampa Florida.  She is under the leadership of Pastor Torrell Lee and First Lady Veronica Lee.  Erica Martin gives a lot of credit to her Pastors who have been very instrumental in her spiritual walk. When you listen to Thank You My Savior  you can hear what she receives on Sunday. (more…)

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