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Samantha Preis

Urbanbuzzmag.com By Nigeria Anderson Love You Better Samantha Preis (price) is no stranger to our family of KeyPlayers. Therefore, we were excited about her project Love You Better featuring T.O.N.E…

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By Nigeria Anderson


Big Inf Is Hip Hop straight out of the Boggie Down Bronx. He began as a Disc Jockey making people dance, from house parties, too block parties and clubs.  Big Inf was creating a name for himself.  He crafted his skills and became known for making Mixtapes featuring who’s who in hip-hop. Big Inf moved in circles with Cam’Ron, Mobb Deep, The Game, Freeway, 50 Cent, M.O.P, and others. Surrounded by great hip hop influences Big Inf moved from DJ to making hits, penning hits and becoming a wordsmith. Presently, Big Inf released his second album project, New Industry. 


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