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By Nigeria Anderson


His name is Freedom Imani singer, songwriter, actor, vocal coach, record producer and gospel recording artist who is a faithful servant of God. Freedom is currently working on his New Album Breve an Unplug Live Recording which will be held on November 7, 2015, in Maryland, ( http://www.eventbrite.com/e/breve-freedom-imani-live-tickets-18176070115)  Freedom is known for his volume of work with industry notables. He has been on a UK Tour with Pockets, featured in a Broadway Musical TIMELESS Live In L.A., working on a new book The Puzzle and Reality Show The NewFree Movement for WeTv.  Freedom is no stranger to us here at Urbanbuzzmag.com, he is a true Key Player and we know that means Talent. His dedication to excellence, style and giving people music is his dream. For those of us who actually kept on dreaming despite the odds can testify only the strong survive. In today’s quick fast and in a hurry digital music genre, some people leave out being authentic for artificial to get that $1.29. Not Freedom, he is one of the last of soon to be legends who will continue to give you Song, Music, Grooves, Jazz, Blues and Gospel that will have you say yes! music to my ears.


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